Me Want Snacks

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 6.24.09 PMI’m not a foodie, in fact I’m more of a plain jane. Rarely do I ever eat anything but chicken, and I usually eat hoagies dry with like NOTHING on them. I’ve always been like this … I think because certain things just skeeve me out to the core … like mayo … vom. It’s unnatural.

With that being said, the East Coast is getting bitched slapped by Mother Nature’s icy cold hand. I mean for the love, I find myself watching the news all day long as I work from home with drool hanging out of my mouth … even though they are repeating the same things over and over again. Oh my God a car is stuck, oh my God traffic, oh my God it’s snowing.

But with snow days comes one thing I just adore. Snacks. Endless and endless amounts of delish snacks. I don’t know about you, but when I’m trapped indoors as inches and inches of powder falls from the sky, all I have interest in doing is eating. I have no idea why because I’m usually not like this. Like I said, I’m a very picky eater. But literally I cannot get full. I try really hard, it just never happens. But only when it snows. Otherwise I swear I’m a somewhat health-conscious human being.

As I’m sitting here typing after scarfing down like six mini spinach cups made from Pillsbury dough (I mean, heaven), I’m thinking about what will be next and if I should accompany it with a glass of wine, and my body really just wants to separate itself and smack me senseless. My stomach is saying, “give me more deliciousness,” but other parts of me are like, oh I don’t know my ass, thighs, liver, and … yep all of my muscles, are saying, “bitch go outside, get some fresh air and tighten this shit up, for the love of God. Water and veggies, water and veggies.”

I’m craving spring. I’m craving a time where I no longer sit on my couch working because it’s too cold to go outside and public transportation is unreliable, watching snow fall as I listen to meteorologist’s who have no idea what is going on interview Joe Shmoe’s about how they shovel their driveways. Riveting. I’m craving weather that makes me want to run outside and get my muscles moving besides the ones in my face as I chew. I’m craving tight and short dresses that will make me not want to eat snacks and instead live on veggies and water like my body wants.

I feel gross. With that being said … I have something delicious in the oven I need to check up on. Snacks.



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