Fashion’s Plateau: Normcore

CaptureSometimes I wake up in the morning and feel the need to wear my black sequin cardigan, ball gown skirt, paired with a normal T underneath, with my four inch studded Sam Edelman stilettos. But then I wipe the sleep out of my eyes (ew) and realize that isn’t okay in the world I live in … and go for the black skinnies, some sort of top, and my Hunter Boots because, dear sweet Jesus, it snowed again. Yep … this Monday couldn’t possibly get more boring.

But why couldn’t I just rock the outfit that I dreamed up the minute I opened my eyes? Why do I care if people will look at me like I have four heads, or dare I say even laugh at me? I’m 27 … I shouldn’t have to care if I’m going to get laughed at on the “playground” aka normal everyday life. It’s because sometimes it is easier to blend in then be diamond in the rough. At least recently this is how I’ve viewed it. Which … can I say … sucks.

And then I stumbled upon this article about a concept in the fashion world known as “Normcore.” What is it you ask? Well … they are comparing it to a look Jerry Seinfeld would have rocked in the 90’s. Nondescript, bland … basically embracing sameness. Apart of me isn’t shocked. After the Carrie Bradshaw era … we’ve been desperately trying to out-weird each other in the world of fashion. At some point it had to plateau, right? I just didn’t think it would lead people to wear mom jeans, white sneakers, I Heart NY caps, and Patagonia zip ups. Um whaaa?

May I just take a second to say Normcore is bullshit. Complete. Bullshit. It goes against every single thing I believe it when it comes to person style. To each their own, but the reason why I love fashion is because it gives even the shyest person in the world an opportunity to have an identity. The idea of a million Jerry Seinfeld’s in the world walking about hand-in-hand in their Tevas is highly disturbing to me.

I think these people participating in the Normcore movement are in dire need of inspiration. Man Repeller said it best. “I’ve been covering Paris Fashion Week for five seasons and in those seasons, I have learned that when I come home, I come home incredibly stimulated.” It’s all about finding your stimulation.

For example, as the weather gets warmer, I made a promise to myself to explore streets I haven’t walked down or stores I haven’t been exposed to. I did it on Friday after work and let’s just say it was Instagram-worthy. Exposing myself to these new things will not only inspire me, it will open up a new world with new people to come across. I’m not one to open a magazine and immediately feel the urge to emulate styles. But when I see normal people on the street rocking something exceptionally rad … that is when I get the spark.

Yes, we may have hit a plateau in the fashion world, but I encourage everyone to steer clear of Normcore. Rock what makes you happy … but don’t be afraid to be that diamond in the rough. This is something I need to work on as well, hell we can do it together.

But yes, statement jewelry, loud prints, crazy studded stilettos, over-the-knee hooker boots, leather, camo, and all things delicious that make fashion what it is. Suck it, Normcore.

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