Girl Power!

There is nothing more that I love in life than empowering women :::insert Spice Girl high kick here:::

Unfortunately, when it comes to workout gear, I’m not one that likes the sparkles, and the frills, and the “PINK” across my ass. I’m sorry, I’m going to go sweat my ass off and burn some calories, not find my future husband.

When I came across the brand Machina, an elite boxing brand for women straight out of Philly, I immediately wanted to give them a slow clap. Not only are they a brand that motivates women, but they make it easy for us to get in the ring and face our fears, inside and outside the boxing world. And quite frankly, this line sold me on their website: “We love boxing and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer something special for women to help them do the things that they’ve been told that girls shouldn’t do.” A-freaking-men, because when we hit things, we want to look epically cool.

Whether you are going to go kick some ass in the ring or find your center in a yoga studio, Machina is the perfect empowering must-have.

How long has this brand been around?
Machina began out of a conversation in the Summer of 2011. One year later Machina officially launched as the first and only boxing brand dedicated exclusively to women.

Was it established in Philly? If not, where?
Machina is indeed a native Philly business – Philadelphia founded, universally loved

As a sporting goods brand we embrace the old school, classic style. We avoid gimmicks like adding techno-jargon labels to our product names or offering zebra striped pink gear. Machina is all about being tough, serious and no-nonsense – y’know, Philly-style.

What inspired this brand? Did you feel there was something lacking in the market?
The concept for a dedicated brand of women’s boxing gear began when partner, Courtney, started realizing that there were very few suitable options for women who were serious about boxing. She was training in gear that was bulky and awkward and she realized that the typical “ladies” gear that other brands offer is merely men’s gear colored pink or else inexpensive garbage intended for a light workout.

So there was a definite marketing opportunity. And as we had hoped and expected, there is no shortage of women who are serious about their boxing training and appreciate what Machina is about.

Where can you buy this gear?
Machina gear and clothing is available to purchase in our online store at

What are your price points?
Our gear for boxing is in the neighborhood of $50 – $60 for high quality, genuine leather goods. We also sell our Club Duffle bag, which is ideal for boxers and kick boxers for $77. Our tees and tanks go for $34 and $32 and the shorts and pants are $54 and $64. Oh, and our hoodie is outstanding at $69.

What is your most popular product?
Well our best seller, by far, is our 12 oz Carbonado training gloves. Word is spreading about how nice these are. We get tons of positive feedback and we even have a good number of professional and amateur level fighters who train exclusively in these gloves.

Is this gear only for female boxers or could a woman going to yoga wear this?
Actually, Courtney wears our clothing for every type of workout she does. In fact, our training pants and shorts are patterned after yoga and pilates pants. The fabric feels like a second skin, yet it’s breathable and forgiving. Additionally, the waistband of our pants was inspired by the classic thick boxing short waistband, only instead of a fat, heavy piece of elastic, the entire waistband is elasticized so it moves dynamically with you and doesn’t dig in. So absolutely these could be popular with women doing a pilates workout and there would be the added benefit of showing off how tough they are.

Our tops are also great for other activities. The fabric is super soft and has a bit of stretch to it. We wanted to be sure that when you’re throwing a punch that the shirt itself is not constraining you in any way. This unrestricted movement of the shoulders and torso is ideal for all sorts of workouts.

Why does this brand differ from other boxing gear brands?
We like to say that ‘women make up about 15% of the market for combat sports and therefore other brands spend about 15% of their time thinking about women. On the other hand, women make up 100% of Machina’s market.’  So when we design a boxing glove we are thinking about the end user strictly as a woman. This singular focus means that when we sell a “women’s boxing glove”, we are actually selling a glove that has been designed for a woman, as opposed to a glove that was designed for a man and later repackaged.

We often get comments from women looking for specific things that other brands don’t offer or that is not up to their expectations. So when we think about new products to add to our line, we are thinking about how to make each product suitable and desirable for a woman without being stereotypical or cliché. This is the major difference between Machina and everyone else producing combat sporting goods.


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