Style Stud: So Worth Loving

CaptureI think everyone by now is well aware of the fact that I’m an Instagram whore, right? Well one day I found myself in a bad mood, self esteem a little low, feeling kind of bad about myself (hey, we all have those days, and if you don’t, you are a dirty, dirty liar), when I came across the Instagram account for this brand called So Worth Loving. If you haven’t followed them, do so now … immediately.

Anywho, bad mood, feeling low … and I see this Instagram feed chock full of inspirational quotes, people inspiring others, messaging confirming that everyone has something special about them and everyone is, well, “so worth loving.” And it wasn’t corny or didn’t make me roll my eyes (trust me, I’m the first one to punt really awful inspirational quotes … like the ones in all pink with a high heel that says something in lipstick like, “EEEE kick that bad mood mama.” Woof.) Women all over are rocking “So Worth Loving” shirts, and not just rocking them, but styling them like a boss (another reason why I adore this Instagram feed).

Sticking with the Mother’s Day, women love and support kick that I’ve kind of been on this week, I think it is beyond important for all of us to take a giant step back from our “self circle” and make someone know “you are so worth loving,” and that is why I fell in love with this brand. I remind myself daily that you have no idea what struggles others are battling. That bitch you want to verbally tear down, might just be dealing with a personal crisis. That hater that keeps rolling her eyes at you, may just be having a low day and feeling terrible about themselves and just dealing with it in an adverse fashion. You never know.


So Worth Loving isn’t just about selling shirts, and branding and what not, they are about promoting self worth, no matter what your sexual orientation is, body type, religion, hair color, eye color, or what group of friends you hang out with. They have created a community that shares personal stories in hopes that people will connect. They post inspiring quotes in hopes that people will recognize how worth loving they truly are. No, you will not find Gisele Bundchen in a string bikini on a rock formation singing “Heart of Glass,” rocking a piece of So Worth Loving (which DON’T even get me started on that), but you will find people you can relate to, which I think is WAY less infuriating, right? I want to throw a shoe at my TV every time I see that H&M commercial.

You only get one you in this life, and sometimes it is really hard to be true to your own brand. Trust me, I struggle with it every single day. And being a girl, no matter what age, just isn’t easy. Being anyone isn’t easy. People are just really good at making it look easy. Remember that. But it is so important to stay true to your brand, no matter if you have purple hair and five lip rings and covered in tattoos, or if you are a plain Jane. That’s you, and you are SO worth loving. Word.

I really do want to tip my cap to this brand because they have found a really great way to combine style and inspiration to lift people’s spirits and create a community where it’s 100% okay to be you. You know me, I’m all about stopping people from tearing one another down. I’m tempted to quote Tina Fey from Mean Girls right now, but I feel like I do that once a week on this blog and need to refrain.


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