Reasons I Adore My Mom

unnamed-1This picture was taken at West Point either in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Pay no attention to me, I look a hawt mess, per usual, but how chic is my mama, right?! :::coughing::: years later, and some things don’t change

1. For never making us wear “Mother & Daughter” outfits from Talbots

2. Her sick obsession with rugs, baskets, and anything in a rustic red color

3. For never putting a leash on me when we went to the mall

4. For never licking her thumb and then removing “shmutz” from my face in front of my friends

5. For never telling any of my friends, “There are no rules in this house, okay. I’m not like other moms, I’m a hip mom, I’m a cool mom.” And in the same breath, for never rocking Juicy Couture or other inappropriate outfits.

6. For eye rolling people who always look “crisp” and put together whilst wearing white, no matter what … even if ketchup or mustard or other stain-prone condiments were present

7. For giving me “the treatment” every time I stayed home from school, including coloring books, slurpees, snacks, and a sweet setup on the couch … even if I wasn’t 100% sick

8. For blessing me with my Rolling Stones addiction, going to see them in the 4th row, in hot yellow pants, and touching Keith Richards

9. For teaching me that if wine bottles don’t have a cork, they are probably rubbish

10. And last … but certainly not least, how she refers to everything as a “machine.” Machine=remote control, Machine=pen, Machine=cat, Machine=oven, Machine=pretzel … it’s genius

Every year I write about how much my mom rocks … how could I not? In fact when I told her I was writing this post, she said, “Why?! No! Write about your Nana!” We are so much alike it is scary, because if I had a daughter who had a blog, I would probably say the same thing. It’s like how she hates having her photo taken … as do I (blame the lack of selfies on her … or thank her, either or).

But I have/had a lot of brilliant women in my life who have helped mold me … and this blog. My aunt, and God mother, reminds me I’m blessed every single time I see her. My Mom’s mom (Nana) was a chic hair stylist, and I feel I get some of my love of style from her. My Dad’s mom (Mimi) went to fashion school, and I still have her mannequin she made clothes on, which we call “Maude.” My great aunt (Aunt Rose) was a Rockette, and sparked my love for high heels. Quite frankly any woman in my mom’s family was a strong Italian broad who lived a very delicious (all AMAZING cooks), full, and wrinkle-free lives (seriously great skin … fingers crossed I get those genes), and my sister, well, she is the strongest woman I know … hands down.

I realize you don’t know these ladies … and you may be yawning reading this. But I wouldn’t be who I am today without every single one of them. And I encourage all of you to tip your caps to all the ladies in your lives that helped mold you into the powerful, fierceless beast you are today

Happy Mother’s Day!

*See Mom, I didn’t embarrass you THAT much, right? Love you all the stars in the sky!


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