My Flirtation With A Straw Tote

31812167_009_bThis past weekend … I fell in love with this bag. Isn’t it grand?

I locked eyes with it from across the floor. I acted casually. Pretending I was looking at skirts and shirts, dancing around the store floor, pretending the bag didn’t exist, but my peripheral was always on it. Always. And forever. I think I was scared to pick it up and get intimate with it, because I’m well aware of how expensive Anthropologie bags are (hello triple digit madness). But of course, I picked it up anyways (because clearly I like torturing myself). And it was only :::gasp::: $88! WhaaaaaaaAAAA?! I know … but did I buy said fantastic bag? No. Because I’m a damn fool. A damn fool who falls in love with bags and then doesn’t buy them because of the, “what if I can find something like it for cheaper,” factor. And as I sit here and type, I’m desperately trying not to go on Anthro’s website and purchase the bag.

I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t just jump to buying a bag on impulse that is over $50 … UNLESS it is a ridiculously good deal. Then jump. Hell, do a pencil dive. In this case, I knew I had some time to do a little research. So yeah, my newest quest in fashion is for a straw tote. I love the idea of them. They are feminine, have a vintage edge (old lady chic), fits the summer bill, and still allows me to carry my entire life within it. That’s magic right there. And as much as I adore the Anthro one, I just needed to see what else was out there … slash if I could find a better one for cheaper (more importantly).

Sigh … my research you will find below (click the image and it will take you to your desired tote). But at the end of the day, I’m probably going to cave and invest in the Anthro straw bag, simply because of our history and my undying love for it. If you can’t get it out of your head, it has to be yours, right? But I truly believe every lady needs a good go-to straw tote this summer. Buy yourself a little Tuesday treat … you deserve it. Because you rule, and you’re pretty, and you work really hard, and it’s hot as balls outside. Right? (I can find an excuse to invest in anything)





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