What Up, Fellow Cat Ladies

CaptureMeet Ellsworth and Lit-Lit, my fantastic cat clan. It’s National Cat Day today and if you follow me on any social network, you would know that I’m a full blown cat lady. And you probably know Ellsworth and Lit-Lit a LITTLE too well. I am one step away from adopting another cat and turning into this:


But I’ve always been a cat lady, even since I was a wee child, because my mom has been a cat lady since SHE was a wee child. I remember asking, no, begging my Dad to adopt me this awesome black and white cat from a local farm. And after much eye batting and persistence, he came home with my cat Spike … who passed away years ago. RIP big buddy. I’m not just indulging in the cat lady trend because Taylor Swift gave her stamp of approval, okay? Which makes me nervous because what happens when she writes a song about being so over cats? Uhhhh …

The thing is I kept my love for cats in the closet for so long because it was a bit passe for a while. The term “cat lady” was synonymous with “spinster.” Turning into a “cat lady” was the worst possible scenario for women all over the world. Now we are welcoming it with open arms. They are actually the greatest, Instagram-worthy accessory to have. Karl Lagerfeld says so, for crying out loud. Instead of gossiping about the men and drama in our lives around the water cooler, we are talking about our cats. It is kind of awesome … and weird … and I adore it.

Listen, I’m not quite sure what made everyone in the world go cat crazy, but I’m kind of okay with it, because there is nothing better than a cat. They are hilarious, great stress relievers, don’t talk back, and will always snuggle with you. You can’t say that about much in this life, am I right?

So a Happy National Cat Day to you all. If you live in a city where Uber is bringing around kittens for people to snuggle, I hate you. Truly. And if you are a closeted cat lady and want to scream from the roof tops how much you love cats, I encourage you to go out and adopt one, because they are rad, and so many need a good home.

And now I feel like I’m starting to sound like the chick from the eHarmony video who cried about how much she adores cats. Yeeks. Check it, there is a fine line between Karl Lagerfeld cat lady and eHarmony cat lady. Know that. If you start to own more cats than pairs of shoes and can’t take the curlers out of your hair, and chain smoke inside your house as you creepily look at the world through your blinds … seek help … like, immediately.


Feel free to share pics of your cats or cat stories below! Us chic cat ladies gotta stick together, am I right?!

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