A Tour Of My Boudoir

catNever in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become the lady who prefers going to Home Goods over H&M, but alas, it has happened. Simply because I find it extremely important to have a clean, inspirational, relaxing place to come home to. And I’m not talking about your whole entire apartment, no, for me, it is my bedroom. It is like there are bombs going off outside, and zombies running lose, but the minute you step into this oasis, it’s like you’re straight chillin’ on the beach.

Now I will be the first one to say “Feng Shui” is a bunch of hogwash. I didn’t even know how to spell it, I had to Google it (true story). It was only when the Gods of Feng Shui bitch slapped me that I cowered in the corner and said, “alright, alright I get it!”

There’s this thing called “energy in a room” or as the Feng Shui people call it, “chi energy.” Apparently it is like the worst thing you could possibly do for your life to block windows, because that is how the chi energy enters and exits. But me, being that asshole who makes decisions strictly on what looks pretty, moved into my home a few years ago and put my rolling rack of clothes against a perfectly good window. Long story short, my “chi” was a hot mess that year, until I decided to let a little Feng Shui into my life because I was desperate. And you know what? It helped. It was so weird. I’m still kind of freaked out by it.

So after months of dealing with design hell like finding the perfect chair, having the leg snap off, being too lazy to go get it fixed, and subbing the leg in with old editions of W Magazine. Or finding the right side table, painting it, putting my typewriter on it and having the legs give out (that happened yesterday, by the way) it is complete. And I’m so in lerve with it, and obsessed with it, that I decided to give you all what you really wanted: A tour of my bedroom (I know you creepy bastards have been trying to get in there for months).

So if you’re feeling off or like everything is fucked up, or just need a quiet place to call your sanctuary, maybe read a little about Feng Shui. I’m not saying turn into a crazy person and start placing crystals all over your house, but opening up the chi … shit is that stuff good.

Preface: The reason why my cat is in a majority of the pics is because she clearly thought this was a photoshoot for herself. I mean …

The mirror to end all mirrors (no I wasn’t taking a selfie, I woke up like that … run if you can)

dresserShiny things … and a cross

braceletsYes, the chair is balancing on old W Magazines … I wasn’t kidding. But God dammit does it work well.

chairJust a little diddy from my book collection (e-books are for chumps)

booksI collect fashion mags like a freak

vogueWhere I make myself NOT look like a gargoyle

makeupMy Dad’s cowboy boots (you rarely saw him without these on)

bootsHUGE jewelry whore

necklacesIf you can’t tell, I believe the bar of my clothing rack may collapse soon

clothesThe holy grail of my shoe collection

shoeshelfWhere I wrote this post and every other one … and sleep occasionally

bedCurrent reading situation


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