Down With The Fashion Po Po

5f083_fashion_policeWhile I am not the biggest fan of Kathy Griffith, I gotta give her a standing O for stepping down from Fashion Police. Thanks to the likes of American Idol, producers of reality shows almost demand there be the one America wants to take home, and the one America wants to punt in the face. But when you put that concoction into a show like Fashion Police, all you end up getting is E!’s version of “Mean Girls.”

I get it, they wanted to keep Joan Rivers’ legacy alive. They wanted to bring someone in who says whatever the hell she wants whenever the hell she wants, so we all GASP and laugh and say, “Oh Joan, you devil!”. And if that gets them heat, well then so be it.

Joan sputtered off anti-Semitic statements … for the LOVE, and many other very offense ones that people got up in arms about. But at the end of the day, people were kind of just like, “meh … it’s Joan. She’s old.” Right. But regardless of her age, or her brand, or this persona of a “speaks her mind any time,” it was wrong and IS wrong. And can I say, outdated?

Right now, a HUGE overwhelming problem we have is bullying. And bullying to the point of kids taking their own lives because of stress, not fitting in, their appearance, or not living up to “societies standards.” The last thing we need is for these impressionable kids to be watching these adult bullies rip apart celebrities for materialistic reasons. Giuliana Rancic mine as well be chilling up against her locker with all her cool friends, making fun of the girl whose hair doesn’t look like everyone elses. By her saying this shit, it is making it okay for others do the same. You are a PUBLIC FIGURE. Not a mean girl. Get it together.

The only one who has any business being on that show is Brad Goreski. He’s a stylist. He knows what works, what doesn’t, what fit is right, and what jewelry went with what look. He can give an honest critique, JUST a critique, if a look worked. Where as the others, who have no fashion experience, and being an E! News correspondent doesn’t count or a comedian, just go for the jugular. I feel like a Kindergarten teacher when I say, “MAKING FUN OF PEOPLES APPEARANCES ISN’T OKAY.”

I hate to get all serious and shit, but the world we live in now doesn’t need a show like Fashion Police anymore. And I love Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffith recognizing that and stepping down. Instead bring on people who are fashion experts and teach us what works, what doesn’t, how a dress should fit, etc. Teach these impressionable minds something besides like, “oh that bitch CLEARLY got dressed in the dark.”

I know I’m going to make an effort to not be such a “mean girl” whilst watching the red carpet, and just in general, although I try to keep those things to myself (it doesn’t count if you say it in your head). Set examples, people, set examples. Because saying something mean about another persons appearance doesn’t do anything for anyone … except make you look like an asshole.

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