Reading For Your Jonas Woes

It was a hard decision, but … after much contemplation Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra decided to close today due to severe weather … aaaaand so I can ingest as many carbs and glasses of wine as possible. 

But being trapped inside of your house can get a little monotonous. Netflix and chill? Yawn. Baking? What? Why? Stop. Puzzle building? I can get down with that … but it can get a little frustrating after a while. 

You know what DOESN’T get old? Reading throwback posts from Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra. Yeah. You’re welcome. 

I choose at random, because, quite frankly there are just too many awesome ones to choose from :::hair flip::: 

But I hope I keep you entertained as you continue getting more and more intoxicated and your sidewalk gets more and more not shoveled. 

Stay safe. Stay warm. And God dammit keep your pets inside, for the love. 

Me Want Snacks


My Day With Ombre


Just Say No: Drunk Online Shopping

SEX & THE CITY, Sarah Jessica Parker, (Season 5), 1998-2004, © HBO/ Courtesy: Everett



I’m High On Fashion Week 


Today … A Fashion Blog Was Born Baby … 

(Awww … my very first post)

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