How I Wear All Black

44271cbd4d6003d7d150ef0f32387a20I get questioned a lot about why I wear so much black. Am I depressed? Am I worshipping Satan? Am I goth? All to which I respond with a blunt, “YES.” … in the most sarcastic way possible. 

For years I was the color queen. Ask my roommates in college. Pretty much every day I wore a lime green tube top underneath everything I owned. My closet looked like Crayola vomited all over it. I recall even owning a bright yellow tank top from the Paris Hilton collection that my mom got me at Burlington Coat Factory. It was a weird time in life, what can I say. 

But I found myself getting to a point where I was only wearing the two black shirts I owned, and wishing my ROYGBIV wardrobe was more like those two black shirts instead. Simply because it was A. more flattering, B. chic, C. ridiculously easy. So why fight what feels natural?

Do I think my color lacking look is a little severe? No. Am I comfortable with it? Yes. I find it absolutely absurd that people judge others based on what they are wearing or feel weird approaching them. Just because I’m in head-to-toe leather doesn’t mean I’m going to convert you to the book of Satan (that’s a thing, right?), or hate you for no reason, and/or haunt your dreams. Simmah. I’m still a clown. Once a clown, always a clown.

I do have a method to my all black madness, though. And it’s a little thing called texture. Yes, below are all my most beloved black pieces. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.03.25 PM

While staple black shirts are a must, having a closet full of them can get a little monotonous and boring. Adding texture will keep you from looking like an ex-cast member of the movie The Craft (although according to Instagram, I mine as well pretend I’m God damn Neve Campbell. Thanks followers). 

Leather. Faux fur. Lace. Sheer. Distressed pieces. And my current obsession, velvet. Throwing in these different textures and mixing and matching them can give an all black look a little more depth and dimension, especially if you layer them. It’s all about keeping things interesting, you know? 

I also don’t always stick to black. I’m not afraid to throw in some clean white pieces and some patterns … plaids, stripes. I’m really into keeping it minimal right now. Will that change? Probably. Who knows, in 10 years I could be in head-to-toe neon … WAIT … hold on … :::vomits after picturing self in 10 years:::: Someone please beat me back to 2016 if that happens? Kay, thanks. 

So to clarify I’m not a witch. Nor do I know Satan personally. And I definitely don’t play light as a feather, stiff as a board whenever an opportunity presents itself. For an on-the-go person such as myself, sticking to black keeps me feeling stylish and not wanting to pull my hair out whilst creating a look.

I’ve got it down to a science. It goes a little something like, “fuck I over slept. Okay, black fur vest, over silk plaid button down, black skinnies, over-the-knee boots, statement necklace … AND GO.” 

So don’t be a moron and discriminate or be frightened of people who wear all black. We’re mostly good witches, I promise. 


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