Kissable: Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Shoes

So I found some alone time tonight with the newest Harper’s Bazaar with Ms. Spears on the cover. Now, especially in the month of June … I don’t expect much out of my fashion mags. I love them still, but they are usually thin and lack in luster … how I love when I expect one thing and the opposite happens!

Every page was an explosion of color and some of the fiercest looks I have seen in some time. Now let me explain what “kissable” means. Throughout my life, starting when I was a wee lass … my mother and I would go shopping and when I found something a little pricey or a little out there … she would ask me if I loved it enough to kiss it, and since then that has been our measurement of how much we love something.

So yes ladies, if someone were to walk into my life tomorrow and hand me these $650 silver Alexander Wang pumps … I would gracefully lay a non-lip gloss peck on the side of them. Can you picture it now, them with a fierce minimalist look … sigh … I’m in shoe love.

And even though I am 5’9 and have had a battle with my height for years (pretty much I just started wearing three inch heels like last year), I would throw these on without a care and wear them to the grocery store, the park, work, out to dinner and even while I was watching a movie on my couch … no judgement.

Thank you Harper’s Bazaar for getting me so excited for Fall 2011 fashion.