The Cure For Life Sucking In A Strapless Bra …

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 6.31.34 PMBeer.

Who doesn’t love it? The taste, the crispness, the hops, the games that can be played with it, the many drunken nights and bad decisions made due to it in high school, college and beyond … ahhh sweet nectar of the Gods.

Whether you are having a bad day, good day, a day to celebrate, a day you want to pretend never existed, or just a … well … day (I literally can make up ANY excuse to enjoy a few brews), beer is there to hold your hand and guide you through it all.

And now I want you all to meet L.A. River Brewing Company. Please forgive the shameless family promotion, but I can’t help it. Good beer needs to be shouted from the rooftops … and right now I don’t have a rooftop … I have this blog.

My cousin and his business partners have started a Kickstarter campaign to kickstart their brewery dreams. The end goal? Producing their first “commercial” batch of hand-crafted beer and opening a brewing space with the proper equipment in Culver City, L.A.

So why should you pledge to great west coast beer?

1. Their beer is delicious: They brewed all the beer at my cousins wedding, which in itself is bad ass but it was also tasty … AND didn’t leave a vicious hangover (and I am the QUEEN of hangovers so that is saying a lot)

2. Dedication: They have positioned themselves to succeed with business plans, outstanding branding, delicious product, awesome website, and a flowing following on the social media scene. (‘LIKE’ them and tweet them if you don’t believe me)

3. They Are Winners: No seriously … they have won a ton of awards at brewing competitions across the west coast

4. You’ll Get Props: You aren’t just throwing money into a cyber space pint glass. They want their fans to be a part of their success. They want YOU … IN their beer. Wait … hold on … ew. Scratch that, reverse it. Seriously though, they know they can’t do it without you and are beyond grateful.

5. Free Schwag!Β Depending on how much you pledge (the more you pledge the cooler the schwag) you’ll get things from t-shirts to pint glasses to a complimentary growler and your name on a bar stool! (WHAT?! My name on my OWN personal BAR STOOL … YES PLEASE!)

Seriously … I believe in this Kickstarter and the tribe of amazing brewers behind it and so should you. So if you love beer, if you love people with passion and dedication, and if you want another option in ways to get drunk … donate and ‘SHARE’ this blog post.

And people … next time you find yourself about to pay WAY too much for a mother f%^&*^% Bud Light … take that $8 (I know right? $8 … who do you think you are, Bud Light) and pledge it to a quality brew. Word.