Enter Stage Right: Crazytown Eyeliner

Recently I’ve been yawning at my makeup drawer, bored to tears of doing the same neutral look for work, and spicing it up with a smokey eye for a night out on the town. We can jazz up our wardrobes, shoes, even our decor … but what about our faces? I’m not talking about taking it as far as Gaga went in the Edge of Glory video … because, well … yikes. But with a neutral lip and a little bronzer, a new eyeliner trend can add interest and pop to the eye.

Refinery29.com, one of my go-to, all time favorite fashion sites, gave some options recently for the every day lady to try some out-of-the-box eyeliner trends. So I took it upon myself to try some, and by some I ended up just trying one. Let me start by saying in no way was I using fancy liquid eyeliner. I’m pretty sure it was like $5 eyeliner from CVS I got on sale a couple of months ago, I have no shame. Also, it absolutely has to be jet black and liquid.

So literally, it took me quite some time to perfect this look. That picture of the blue eye, yep that is little ol’ me. The picture of the blonde with the perfect skin and fabulous eyes, well clearly she is a professional. Now, this was after I had to wash my face about five times because I “trannied” myself up a little bit too much. At one point it looked like someone gave me a black eye. At another point it looked like I crawled out of a dumpster after a week-long bender. There was lots of cursing and poking myself in the eye with the eyeliner brush (aren’t I making this sound fantastic). But the saying is correct, practice makes perfect. The little line of black under my eye is very subtle, and after I finely stopped making it look like I got a chill or something and drew a random line of black across my face, I fell in love with the look more and more.

If you want to give this look a whirl, here are the following things you need:

1. Liquid eyeliner (of course a fancier brand then my $5 CVS kind would be great, but jesus, use what you have, this is an experiment)

2. A wash cloth (because let’s face it, you will make a mistake, and if you don’t you are a freak of nature)

3. Black eyeliner pencil (just in case you want to play around with it, options are always great and who knows, it could work for you)

4. A camera (I am so ragingly against any picture of oneself TAKEN by oneself, but in this case, to see how this looks from an outsiders perspective, would be helpful. Then IMMEDIATELY delete the photo … shame on you if you send it, upload it, or share it on any form of social media … unless you want to show me, which is totally cool)

5. A sense of humor (you are going to look crazytown at some points, you may even want to chuck your eyeliner across the room, but remember, breathe and laugh … it is only you, yourself and the mirror)

God speed ladies … I hope you try this out, if not for anything but a fun activity on a lazy night after work. Who knows, this could be your next signature “thing.”