Enough With The Summer Conversation.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say … how the HELL is it August already? My God. But no, seriously. As much as the thought of sweaters, boots, coats, and tights makes me want to cower in the corner in the fetal position … it needs to be thought about.

I do this every year. I buy summer clothes until like October. Why? Because thanks to good ol’ global warming, it stays blazing hot until October and everything summer is usually marked down to a fantastic price. And quite frankly, when I buy something, I want to wear it that second, which you can’t do if you buy fall/winter clothes in the summer. So if I have the option of buying a ridiculously cute sun dress for a ridiculously cute price over a pair of ridiculously expensive leather boots … what do you think wins? Come on.

I gotta say, I’m already seeing very cute fall clothing out and about, and from experience, now is the time to pounce. Because when you are looking for cute fall clothes when the air gets a chill in it, you will find zip. That’s just the way of the fashion universe. In between seasons is notoriously dismal. Until you get closer to the holiday’s, there are slim pickins’ for putting together your perfect fall look.

And before each new season, I like to define what my look is. Fall and winter becomes a bit more cumbersome and expensive as there are many more opportunities to accessorize with scarfs, tights, handbags, gloves, jewelry and beyond. I love minimalism. Live for it as a matter of fact. For the past two winters my theme as been “minimalism,” which has left my closet with a lot of black and grey … which can get a little monotonous after a while (gasp … I know, speaking of black garments in such a fashion … shame on me.)

So here are the things I have on my fall radar, stepping out of my minimalistic box:

Bright Colors: I’m not a huge fan of colors, especially mixed all together in a pattern. But I love me some color statement pieces. Like a bold electric blue skirt, or raging red heels. Those are memorable.

Knee Highs: I definitely want to have a Cher from Clueless moment and bring knee highs into my life. I’ve always been a little attracted to them, flirted a bit … but never committed. I think I’m ready to take the plunge this fall.

Texture Overdose: I think mixing and matching different textures together makes a look pop and give it that “rich” feel. I definitely had a sheer moment this summer, I imagine myself to have a lace, leather, quilted, velvet, angora and beyond moment this fall. Shit is about to get crazy.

Lots of Fab Coats: Last winter I got so exhausted of wearing my same coat over and over again … even though it barely was ever cold enough to wear a coat. But this year I want options. I want a navy pea coat, a nude trench, a velvet coat … I mean my coat wish list is miles long. I blame it on the Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep wore a different coat with every outfit. That is what I want … in a perfect world of course.

Boots Ga-lore: Nothing is sexier and more fantastic than a pair of boots. The past two seasons I’ve had a bit of a fetish with over-the-knee black boots … but  I would like to broaden my horizon a bit. I never find myself attracted to brown boots, but feel as if I need to invest. Steppin’ out of the boot box if you will.

Panel Pants: I saw these on the runway and even though I think they have the potential of making me look like I weigh 1,000 pounds … mama is DYING for a pair of black and white panel pants. I’ll give it a spin, why the hell not.

The Mysterious Long Sleeved Dress: I’ve still yet to find the perfect one … besides the one made by DVF that I can’t afford. But I’m feeling hopeful this season that designers at stores I shop at will get the memo that long sleeve dresses need to happen because homegirl doesn’t always like to have to wear cardigans and blazers to work day in and day out to be “appropriate.” Blah.

What In Blazes Do I Wear?: Fall Fashion 2012

I know it might sound a little cray cray to be thinking about fall 2012 fashion, especially since tomorrow it will be over 60 degrees … in February (cue rapture music). But what better time to reflect upon the upcoming fashions then right after fashion week. (Did I mention I went, because I did and I’m STILL in ecstasy over it).

So there were over a hundred shows, thousands of models, probably millions of attendees. I mean honestly who has the time to go through all that jazz and figure out what is on trend … oh wait, that’s me.

I’m thoroughly excited for fall 2012 fashion … like beyond excited. There were some pretty fierce shows and I felt the need to explain the trends now so you can have months and months to prepare for what I feel to be one of the most intense seasons for fashion.

So here is what you need to start collecting … like NOW … ahem:

Must-Have Accessory: 

Snoods. I know, what the hell is a snood? Well, it is like an infinity scarf but literally sits snug around your neck and is usually made of fur. Everyone from Vivienne Tam to Elizabeth and James showed them on the runway. I actually own one and it is terribly uncomfortable and makes me get overheated quite quickly … but as is fashion. Vivienne Tam showed them in a very interesting way with the models long hair tucked into them. It was pretty in a very abstract way. I’ll give it a whirl.







Well, there was a lack of color … and I LOVED it. Lots of black and white together creating very fierce and classic looks. Rebecca Minkoff, Tibi, Helmet Lang and several others had collections dripping in neutrals. Honest to God, you really can’t go wrong when you buy a piece in a neutral, because neutrals never go out of style … ever. But the runways were dripping in them this season. If you need to throw in some color, anything from soft plumb to wine colors to striking blood-red was raging on the runways.






Sorry PETA, but since the colors were so subdued, textures took over. Fur, leather, velvet, mesh, matte sequins and sheer garments owned everything. I’m telling you, women in fall 2012, I would NOT want to mess with them. Fur collars to furry arms on coats and jackets are an absolute must, as was seen in the Jason Wu show. From fur, to sheer to velvet, Gucci is the perfect example of how textures need to be in our closets for fall 2012. Take notes, ladies.






Very low-key. Lots of long long hair parted down the center and teased in certain places. Otherwise it was in a very messy pony tail, one you would pull together when you roll out of bed to go to the gym. Honestly, I don’t let fashion week decide my hair styles, but it is good to know we technically don’t need to give a shit about our hair in fall 2012.







DEEP RED. Period. I really have nothing more to say about the topic. When I went to the tents, everyone was rocking a striking red lip. Now here is the thing, it is EXTREMELY hard to rock this properly. Your face can’t look oily and you lips have to be properly moisturized and you can’t really eat, drink, talk to much or kiss anyone … soooo … yeah. Experiment with this look before taking it out on the town. But make it happen.






Cray Cray Hats: 

I personally don’t enjoy hats. I have a big head and I get over heated and can never work them into any look I am throwing together. But a lot of big designers threw us for some abstract loops with the hats walking down the runway. I mean Yigal Azrouel and good lord … Marc. Jacobs. I mean these crazytown, oversized, Jamiroquai-esque hats. I would honestly wear a hat like that only if I were going to a tea party with the mad hatter because he would think those hats were fabulous.





Fabulous Collars: 

I love this trend and might even start incorporating it into my look now. Collars need to be embellished in some way. If the shirt is black, the collar needs to be white. It needs to stand out and pop. I’m not saying run out and bedazzle your collars, but need to be fabulous. Personally, I love the details and the little things and I think this is a really feminine and romantic trend to embrace.






Favorite Shows You Should Absolutely Watch for Style-spiration: 

1. Marc Jacobs. He was absolutely a show stopper (shocking, I know right). Everything was a bit fantasyland … but drop dead, make you want to rip your hair out gorgeous

2. Diane Von Furstenberg. I mean stop. This is obtainable fashion that I would and will rock from the dresses to the sunglasses that I absolutely DIED for. In fact, I’m going to “Zoe:” I DIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE. 

3. Helmut Lang: Minimalism makes me weak in the knees and honestly this is minimalism talking dirty to me. If I could only have one designer in my closet, it would most likely be him.

4. Carolina Herrera: I mean her clothes are just classically beautiful, but elegant dress wise, she made my heart stop. Seriously if a prince were to ask me to a black die ball … I know exactly what family member I would sell to get that dress (juuuuust kidding … kind of.)

5. Ralph Lauren: Again, a designer I’ve always respected but have always found it a bit too old for my taste. But he won me over with two things: Top hats and sceptres. I will absolutely carry around a scepter in the fall JUST because Ralph said it was okay. But in all seriousness, the collection was menswear for women at its finest.


I Swear I’m Not A Slit!: 

Keep those maxi skirts, keep the sheet mullet skirts … hell, keep the maxi dresses … just make sure there is a massive slit going up the side. I’m pumped for the trend. Who doesn’t like an excuse to show a little leg, or a lot.







I mean for serious, I scratched the surface here. There is A LOT going on for fall 2012 fashion, but this should keep you busy for the next couple of months trying to either A. come to terms with these trends or B. incorporate them within your already existing looks.

God speed.

I’m High On Fashion Week

So yeah, apparently the devil owns my soul now because I literally just returned from the Vivienne Tam fashion show at Fashion Week in NYC. I am writing to you from my bed, completely exhausted, feet extremely sore, malnourished and parched … yet on the most fabulous kind of high … the one that only Mercedes Benz Fashion Week can create. It literally took a car, a train and a cab to get there … but somehow I made it … on time and everything … AND I didn’t get lost (for those of you who know me, that is really something special, let me tell you.)

So I apologize if none of this makes sense because I am blindly tired, but couldn’t wait to share with you my excursion. After what felt like trying to find a cab during rush hour, I landed one and somehow re-did my makeup and switched out of my flats and into my 4 inch Sam Edelmans, praying to Jesus I didn’t fall because, well that wouldn’t be very street stylish of me now would it. I wore all black, black skinnies, an oversized black tank, my Elizabeth and James black blazer and fierce, studded black heels with chunky gold jewelry. I was going for the “hey I’m chic, but I promise I’m not trying to act cooler than I am,” look. But don’t worry, whenever I saw the Street Style photogs, I tried to strike my best, “oh what, you are taking my picture? But I’m acting so natural right now with my hand on my hip, staring off into space beautifully,” pose … even though I probably looked like a kid in a candy shop with a side of awkward.

Besides the show itself, waiting for the show to start was my favorite part. The people. Jesus. Christ. If you ever need style inspiration, spend some time in the Fashion Week tents. It wasn’t unobtainable fashion at all. Sure there were the occasional women dipped in Chanel and Louboutin but for the most part, every woman I saw could have either pulled their look out of Barneys or Forever 21. Really innovative looks, but I gotta say … a lot of the ladies were rocking the red lip, dark dark hair and bangs … and I was kind of obsessed. I could never rock bangs, but I do enjoy the thought of them. I mean everywhere you looked it was a different style, truly fantastic … I could have stayed there for days watching all of this. Also, it is the one place in the universe where I don’t feel tall. Most women are 6 feet tall, with heels of course … and it is such a treat, you have no idea. The ladies I didn’t enjoy were the ones rocking the full sequin dresses … like why?

So walking into the tents was definitely one of those, “holy shit, I’m here” moments. Since I was solo I think I looked to the random man I was walking in with and made a comment like, “this is amazing” and he took a second to look up from his Blackberry like, “Ha, amateur.” But I got settled, tried to act like I wasn’t a 13-year-old girl about to see her favorite boy band … and finally the lights dimmed.

The show was gorgeous. Simple, but gorgeous. The models, well … couldn’t walk. From where I was sitting, their booties looked like they were MAYBE 4 inches … shouldn’t models know how to walk in 4 inch heels? I mean hell, I made it through Lincoln Center in a pair. The hair was long and disheveled … which I LOVE. It was straight half way and then the ends looked like they were teased to death. Plum was a huge color and a huge color throughout all of fashion week (more to come on this later). One of the most interesting styles I saw was a model wearing a snood, but her long hair was tucked into it in the back. You know when you put on a turtle neck or a high collar jacket and your hair is stuck and you have to fluff it back out? Yeah, she just didn’t. I oddly enough found it really interesting and innovative.

My favorite look was one that involved a pair of colorful cigarette pants with what looked like a wrap dress of some sorts (please excuse my description, I’m cracked out on fashion right now). I loved the dress over the jeans trend from back in the day … so if this is coming back I will be extremely pumped. From the simple gray runway and backdrop with the subdued colors on the runway that will be so warm and cozy for fall to the fabulous music, which I need on my iTunes playlist as soon as I can find it, it was extremely beautiful and well done.

So yeah, here I am, back to reality, not believing I just experienced all of that … but so beyond thankful that I did. I’m probably leaving out a million things, but again, I’m cracked out on fashion. I’m dedicating this post to my fabulous brother who made this happen so sporadically. And I apologize for the quality of the pictures, apparently iPhones don’t take action shots well, right? For the full sha-bang of pictures, check out Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra Tumbles, I will be posting either tonight or tomorrow.

Now excuse me while I go practice my model strut, I mean … sleep.