Fashion’s Night Out Philly … Bring Your A-Game

I’ve been pleading with the fashion God’s since the first Fashion’s Night Out to let Philadelphia take part. And after many prayers, many weird and exotic dances to the God’s of designer goods … my prayers have been answered and it is happening Sept. 6 … tomorrow night! Excuse me when I say, Eeeeeeee!

So with so much going on all around the city, a Philadelphia fashionista needs to stay organized and on their toes, and luckily … well, duh … there is a FREE mobile service for that called Chinoki to help us with that. This service allows us busy ladies to sign up for discounted offers ONLY at the restaurants and retailers we would look to hear from. You know how you get Groupon/LivingSocial updates in the morning for inane things like back waxing and fungus removal? Ick. No … 120 retailers in the Philadelphia area are participating and you have the power to control which ones you want to hear from. How fantastic is that?

Why do Philly Fashion’s Night Out attendees need this? Well … these discounts and promotions get text messaged to you instantaneously, meaning you can choose the retailers you would like to visit tomorrow and get up-to-the-minute updates on their FNO deals and when they are happening, keeping you calm, cool and organized. No one likes a glammed out spazz, now do we?

Now here are some great Philly stores who are listed on Chinoki that are having must attend FNO events tomorrow night worth getting text messages about their promotions and sales, ahem:

  • Nicole Miller -Miller-tinis, sweets from Pamcakes Bakery, a step and repeat ready for the paparazzi to take your photo, free goodies, and the latest designers from Nicole Miller fall 2012.
  • Joan Shepp – Looking for some new bling? This boutique will be partnering with The Accessories Council for a jewelry extravaganza with music, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Knit Wit – Enjoy an exclusive line-up of locally designed ready-to-wear brands, champagne, music, and the chance to get styled by Knit Wit fashionista’s themselves.
  • SA VA – Get a sneak peek at the fall/winter 2012 collection and get styled by Kristel Closets fashion stylist, Caroline Kohler.

This doesn’t even begin to skim the surface of all the fashion exploding all over the city tomorrow night in well know Philadelphia retailers. But first things first … Step 1: Sign up for Chinoki, I sure as hell did. You want to be one step of all those crazy broads only participating in FNO for the free goods and celeb sightings. Step 2: Reference the FNO Philadelphia Facebook page to plan out your fashion attack on Philadelphia. Never attend FNO without a plan, ladies. This isn’t amateur hour.

I couldn’t possible be more excited for this, in fact I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it. Tomorrow night is all about stimulating this dismal economy, praising all the greatness that is fashion, getting amazing deals … and oh yeah, scoring some pretty cool free stuff too. In the same respect, have fun, be safe … and don’t be one of those ladies who make me cringe that will push, shove and act a fool to get to the free goods.

Let’s show New York City how Fashion’s Night Out is REALLY done, Philadelphia. God speed and HAPPY FASHION’S NIGHT OUT :::::jumps in mid-air::::!