Style Stud: The Great U S Of A


flag-detailLadies and gentleman … ‘MURICA.

I mean how could I NOT make the American flag my style stud of the week?Β It’s a beaut … what can I say.

Well I’m going to keep this short and sweet as I need to get dressed and prepared to start getting my eat on and my drank on underneath some fire works (which I hope you all are doing the same). But I got to say how lucky all of us are to live in such a fantastic country (and if you are reading this and you’re in another country … I’m sure it’s fab, too). Sometimes we forget … but freedom of speech kind of rules, along with all of our other pieces of freedom we most certainly take for granted. For example the fact that I can sit here typing whatever the fuck I want (yeah I said it) whenever the fuck I want (uh huh … said it again) … is kind of amazing (my family is most certainly going to kill me at our BBQ today for cursing on my blog … sorry fam).

So with all of that being said, I will dazzle you with some of my most coveted ‘MURICA pics. Like the one at the top is by one of my favorite artists, Jasper Johns, who just happened to be from Philly, too (not that I’m biased or anything :::shifty eyes). Everyone have a fantastic 4th … eat, drink, be merry … and responsible. No one likes a hot mess.

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KGrHqJgwE4-W5OBOQbUDERmg0_3 willf ladygagatelephone Britney_Spears_American_Flag

(I know, I know … not ‘MURICA but I still adore her)



And FINALLY … the lady who started it all …