If Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend …

… then $3 “silver” rings are a girl’s secret romance she has with a hobo living in a van down by the river … in the most fabulous way possible, of course. I am personally attracted to really fun and obscure jewelry. S0 when I stumbled across these long, silver rings at Forever 21 for $4.80, like this Pressed Detail Knuckle Ring, I immediately needed it on my finger. They have a lot of great, different styles that can give any outfit that edgy pop. No “diamonds,” or whatever Forever 21 puts in their jewelry to resemble diamonds, no sparkles … just straight up “silver” rings.

But with that $4.80, you are paying for a catch as well. These fantastic rings truly go all the way up to your knuckle, so when you go to wash your hands, do the dishes … or anything that involves hand to water contact, these rings will most likely get tarnished immediately, which is heartbreaking because they do look genuine to a blind eye.

So what are some preventative measures we can take to salvage our $4.80 purchase, because I’m personally sick of forgetting to take my rings off before washing my hands and then having to scream obscenities because I have just tarnished my ring.

Clear nail polish, what can’t you do? You stop runs in my stockings, you give my nails that extra shine, and now, you can SAVE my fabulous costume jewelry! Put a thin coat of any kind of clear nail polish that you may fancy on the front and back of your “silver” rings. The front is to shield it from things that may tarnish it, you know like water, pollution, life in general … and the back is to stop the ring from giving your dainty finger that evil green stain. Genius, right?

I was so upset when my Forever 21 ring got a little bit tarnished that I had to go out and buy another one, coat it in clear nail polish … and … so far so good! Doesn’t this inspire more costume jewelry purchases?