Today … A Fashion Blog Was Born Baby …

At the end of my sophomore year in high school (I am currently 24 by the way), I found myself in the middle of a heat wave, in the girls locker room getting changed for gym. Only parts of my school had air conditioning, so that day I wore a tasteful strapless dress, because you know you also had to dress to impress when you’re a sophomore, which required me to wear a strapless bra. I found myself in that decrepit, 1970’s locker room sweating to death, make up melting off my face and the underwire of my strapless bra digging into my rib cage while it was not being supportive and falling down all at the same time thinking … life REALLY sucks right now, especially in a strapless bra.

We all know women do some crazy things for the sake of being considered “en vogue,” myself included. Corsets, six inch stilletos (I don’t care if the soles are red, they are gorgeousĀ and cost $1,000, they still aren’t comfortable), sucking yourself into spanx, getting extra tight weaves put in, and my most favorite pastime, having to wear strapless bras.

So therefore I gave life to this blog, a place for all of the women who put themselves through the pain and agony of looking fantastic to come here and accept what we put ourselves through and really rejoice in all the greatness that is the fashion industry. Trends, commentary on fashion news, designer updates, looks for less … funny and perhaps embarrassing stories from my personal life … I am here to give a little taste of it all to you.

My gratitude is endless to you for stopping by and indulging in one of my most favorite forms of beauty and art in life, which is fashion.