Kissable: Leather Skirt

There is nothing I love more than going shopping by myself for new fall clothing and having a lovely lunch afterwards. Sure, the occasional shopping jaunt with my girlfriends is always fun, but no two girls shops the same. And when it comes to a fresh fall wardrobe, this involves hours of digging, visiting the dressing room numerous times and complete focus … henceforth why I like to do it solo (no offense to my fabulous girlfriends).

And during this specific shopping trip, I found myself striking out over and over again. So when desperate times call for desperate measures, I then found myself trying certain things on, for what I call, “funsies.” Enter leather skirt stage right.

I partially brought it in the dressing room to laugh at myself looking like a fool and I partially brought it in the dressing room in hopes that I would look like a rock star bad ass. Well the good news is I did not look a fool in it … the bad news is I wouldn’t call myself a rock star bad ass either. Whomp whomp.

So I stood in the dressing room staring at myself in the mirror, taking it off and putting it back on over and over, loving the way it looked and violently texting my friends exclaiming how much I loved it but how nervous I was that I would look like the town hussy. For example if I rocked a pair of fish nets, thigh high leather boots, a barely there little black tank top, red lipstick and sex hair, I would be an inappropriate hot mess ready to hop on the back of a motorcycle.

BUT, if I paired it with a tasteful white, ruffled blouse a black boyfriend jacket and a pair of fantastic stilettos with patterned black tights … perhaps I could go to work and not get the “office skank 2011” medal of honor. Even an all black look would be exceptionally chic with a pair of patterned tights. This tiered leather skirt looks exactly like the one I bought and is a great starting point in the world of leather goods.

I personally think “leather” just has a bad connotation with it, especially a leather skirt. Even if you are dressed appropriately and chic in a leather skirt without showing any skin, people will still make comments and “oh and awe” over a whole bunch of nothing. Want to know why? Because people have nothing better to do or say … and most are fashionably challenged. Leather is a type of material people, just like cotton and spandex. So if you want to rock a leather skirt or dress, know that you don’t have to look like a seductive dominatrix.

It was a proud moment for yours truly this weekend, and if I hadn’t purchased the skirt, I would probably still be talking about it and hammering myself for not buying it at this exact moment.  It turns out I am kind of obsessed with it and if I could kiss it, I would. Edgy purchases like this are so worth it and really makes you excited to get up and get dressed for work, EVEN on a dismal Monday morning.

Kissable: Punctuation Tights … Period.

Okay first of all, no, that is not stock photography or some picture I found off of Google images to the left, that is rockin’ mother. Yes ladies and gentleman, even I have to admit that the woman has the tendency to out-dress me on numerous occasions, this time being one of them. This outfit, which she wore to work, is a Theory dress with shoulder pads, my favorite part, and punctuation tights from American Apparel … genius. Consider this my version of Street Style.

So back to these fabulous tights. Maybe because I’m a copy editor / writer that I find these to be so fabulous, but I’m in love with them and if I owned a pair … I would probably kiss them.

They are sheer tights, so it gives the illusion that your legs are tattooed with number signs, colons, exclamation points and many other symbols … does it get any better than that? 

AND … the parenthesis … goes right around your left knee cap . Uh huh American Apparel, hats off to you my friends.

What I really love about these tights is that they allow for every type of person with a sense of style to wear them. Someone with a purple mohawk and piercings who worships Satan and plays in a death metal band could throw these on and continue on with their badass persona. But, if you are a fashion fiend, like my dear mother here, who enjoys the simple, fierce black dress from Theory … she too can rock these tights and not abandon her fashion beliefs.

I know American Apparel can sometimes seem overwhelming, or strange, or make you want to tilt you head and say “what the eff” to some of these items … but here and there you can find pieces that work with your wardrobe and bring out your inner fashion vixen.