Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby … Until Aug. 7!

Due to an overwhelming interest in Savage Beauty, an exhibit dedicated to all of the genius behind Alexander McQueen and his collections, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has decided to extend the show until Aug. 7. Am I the only one that jumped in mid-air when I heard this? I mean it is FREE with museum admission!

A lot of designers claim that they think art and fashion go hand in hand, and as a art history minor myself, I have to think that a lot of them just like to take an old concept and put a new, trendy spin on it and spurt out buzz words to explain it to the general public of people who can never afford their clothes to begin with. And yes, maybe that is what fashion is all about, but McQueen literally took art that should have been on a canvas, a sculpture or even an installation and threw it on his runway … and I imagine in person it is only better and more breathtaking.

So ladies in Philly, as crazy as it may seem to dredge up to New York City in the middle of the stifling summer for one day to see one show at an art museum … this is one of those events where if you don’t go and you kill for fashion … you will regret it until the day you die. So wear minimal clothing, hop on the Bolt Bus (super clean, cheap and easy … my three most favorite things) and go see those armadillo pumps up close and personal.

Thank you McQueen for everything you have given the world of fashion. Here is to the summer of McQueen!