Wear Green Responsibly … Or Get Pinched!

I don’t know about you, but St. Patrick’s Day is literally my all-time favorite holiday. And it isn’t because I’m half Irish, or that I have a shamrock tattoo on my ankle, or that I love the fact that it is socially acceptable to start drinking at 9 a.m. and pretend like you are in college again for the day … no … not at all :::shifty eyes::: So as you can tell, I’m pumped to start the celebration … responsibly of course.

But I gotta say, I’m over the typical St. Patrick’s Day, college-like outfits. You know what I’m talking about. The ridiculous green tights with the green and white striped knee highs, with some crazy shamrock headband or bow that lights up, and a low cut, ultra tight “Kiss Me I’m Irish” T. I’m :::mumbles something::: years out of college, and just don’t feel the need to have it look like the Party Store vommed green all over me anymore. It’s time to put the style back in St. Patrick’s Day, ladies.

Wanna hear something that will absolutely blow your mind? The color blue was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day. And my favorite fun fact of the day: There is a legend that says we wear green to become invisible to leprechauns who will pinch us if they see us. And that legend is why I am proud to be Irish, my dear friends.

So let’s not hit up Party City and any green graphic T you can find, and instead, go for a stylish green look! Here are some of my favorite green pieces that I found using one of my favorite websites for style, POPSUGAR. I could definitely see myself enjoying a whiskey drink or two … or five … in any of these green garbs.

Ps. I may or may not still fancy a pair of green shamrock sunglasses when I’m drunk. Just sayin’ … those are acceptable.

Click the image to find just where you can make this green look your own!







St. Patrick’s Day Fashion … Woof.

So if you took one look at me, you would think both of my parents are straight up leprechauns. Fair skin, dark hair, freckles, blue eyes, extremely tall, shamrock tattoo on my left ankle … I mean I scream Irish. Little does anyone know I actually am 50% Italian and 50% Irish. I don’t know where the Italian side is besides the fact that I like to express myself with my hands, but all I’m saying is a little part of my 100% Sicilian mother died when I got a shamrock tattoo, as she immediately requested I get the Italian horn on my right ankle (that never happened.)

But St. Patrick’s Day, since I was old enough to drink (in Europe), has been one of my favorite holidays. I don’t know about you but any excuse to drink during the day is a favored day of mine. But with St. Patrick’s Day comes with the need to wear as much green as humanly possible. Last year I decided to experience the myth and the legend known as Erinn Express and I feel like I saw it all, outfit wise. It is Halloween part deux, exit slutty costumes and enter stage right barely there green clothing concoctions. I’m not a big fan of the color green personally, but seriously girls … all I have to say to you is, really? I know I probably sound like I’m 100 years old … but honestly, I really want to know what goes through your head when you get dressed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously … enlighten me.

St. Patrick’s Day is a lighthearted day of pure, exhilarating drunkenness. That does not mean you need to go out and pair that drunkenness with an outfit that makes people’s eyes burn out of their sockets. For example, green booty shorts with green knee highs, paired with green Pumas, green suspenders, and a green sparkly shirt that says, “kiss me I’m Irish.” Hair in pig tails with green ribbons and green glitter ALL over your face. Like, what? Really? No one looks good in something that extravagant … no one! Not even the dude on the Lucky Charms box. And I know, if you ask a girl why she is wearing something that provocative, she will plead up and down slurring her words that it isn’t to bring all the boys to the yard. I mean sure, who doesn’t like to get tipsy and wear a fabulous green boa, in the comfort of your own home, that is.

I’m not saying rock some mom jeans, a green turtle neck, and some sweet shamrock earrings you got at the local craft store with your comfy white sneakers for all the city walking. I’m saying put the style back in St. Patrick’s Day, for the LOVE of God. I mean I’m pretty sure I saw a girl rocking a sexy leprechaun outfit. Psst, come here I have a secret … just because you’re half-naked and drunk still does not make a leprechaun sexy.

St. Patrick’s Day is definitely a casual event, being that if all goes according to plan you are drunk for most of the day … but it should be a casual YET chic day. So here are a few tips on how to be chic yet comfy during one of the most drunken days of the year … because guess what, it isn’t cool or chic to be “that” girl.

1. Wear a cute pair of skinny jeans, NOT leggings, or even a cute pair of green jeans since colorful jeans are very much in style for the spring.

2. Rock really big sunglasses all day … and if anyone asks why you are wearing them inside say you are trying to honor Bono.

3. Bring your green shirt! A green shirt or zip-up is absolutely necessary when doing a bar crawl or just going out to celebrate this event. If it doesn’t have a shamrock or some obnoxious saying on it, the more power to you.

4. Accessories don’t need to include oversized drunk goggles and green glitter. Gold bangles or a long gold necklace would be a great accent with a green shirt, since at every rainbow there is a pot of gold. And if you must, put ONE shamrock sticker on your temple … ONE!

5. For the love of God, wear flats! Don’t contemplate your hooker boots or heels … because you are just asking to fall straight on your face. Some cute flats will do you wonders, I promise. Retire the heels for today, ladies (I mean how often do we get a chance to say that?)

So from my crazy Irish family to yours, I am wishing you all an amazing, safe and most importantly, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Drink responsibility … look out for one another … and know your limits (cue “the more you know” star swipe.)