Shut Up And Style Me

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 9.51.29 PMOkay … we all get blocks in life. Road blocks, writer’s block (the bane of my existence), style block … all equally make me want to pull my hair out. Now we all know I have a fascination with black and white … well … everything. From my home to my closet to my bed … I’m a little crazed about minimalism. It’s simple, it’s clean … and above anything else, it is timeless. And when I see it in any shape or form … I need it then and now.

So when I was browsing in H&M this past weekend and came face-to-face with this black and white vertical striped sleeveless button down … I had to make it mine, therefore I did. I literally was counting down the hours until I could slip it on for work. But when that moment came … NOTHING flowed right, outfit-wise. All perfect ideas I had involved a maxi skirt and very Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 looks … but nothing conducive for 32 degree weather. I would slip a cardigan over it, then try one of my blazers, and then work in mixing patterns … ugh. And nothing make me feel like, “hell yes … I’m a stud.” So I put it back in closet, only to try the next day and the next facing the same damn issues.

After day three of this nonsense … I’m sending out a battle cry to you all, because I can’t take it anymore. I’m lusting after this shirt, yet we can’t be together because I haven’t found its true mate in life to make me feel amazing. So my request? Style this look for me. Clearly you have no idea what I have in my closet, but somehow, someway I probably have what you are talking about. I like to think I have all the basics.

Take a look at this fantastic top and comment below explaining how you would style it. I need suggestions whether traditional or outside of the box. Go for it … any inspiration helps, for the love of Jesus, because for some reason I can’t wrap my head around this guy. Hey … we all have our moments. I’m sure Marc Jacobs has issues getting dressed in the morning … right?

I mean who doesn’t want to play the part of Rachel Zoe?! Rock it out. Make it “maj“. Looking forward to seeing what you guys are going to bring to the table! Comment either here or on my numerous social media presences like:

Twitter: @LSIASB

Instagram: LifeSucksInAStraplessBra