Style Stud: Bus Stop Boutique

logoAs a tall gal, it has taken me a VERY long time to embrace sky high heels. I would always admire them from the sidelines. Maybe purchase them and just gaze longingly at them in a glass case. But only recently did I rock them with zero fucks given.

But even if you don’t care, standing next to a 5 foot girl, as a 5’9 girl wearing 4 inch heels .. is super awkward. I end up resembling Gigantor and in an effort to make fun of myself before anyone else has the opportunity to, I will stomp around making growling noises (I’m normal, I swear).

My dream has been for there to be a middle ground between amazing stilettos and kitten heels, so I can still feel like I’m wearing big girl heels, but not looking like the damn Jolly Green Giant whilst standing next to my teeny tiny friends. But alas, none can be found, unless you like Easy Spirits … which no … just … no.

Enter Bus Stop Boutique, stage right. We fell in love on Instagram (I feel like I should make up a song about this), when I saw my fantastic friend Sarah (yes I spoke about this earlier this week), rocking a fierce pair of heels that I needed to have. I made her take me to this mystical place where I knew there was just something special about the shoes.

If you live in Philly, congrats, now go to Bus Stop Boutique immediately. If you are looking for a cool pair of shoes, something out of the ordinary and want ace customer service by the lovely Elena (owner of Bus Stop Boutique), bring it on down to Queen Village.

But in all honesty, the reason why I fell head over heels (no pun intended) for this boutique is because it catered to the tall girl. Yes, they have stilettos and insanely cute flats, but they also have the rare and illusive mid-size heel … aka a tall girl’s dream. You can still strut and be sexy, but not turn into a sky high beast.

I would like to thank Bus Stop for treating my tootsies like a queen and for hooking me up with a pair of heels that make my feet feel completely and utterly fancy. Sometimes we need an extra special pair of shoes to get us from A to B … and this is the spot to get um, ladies.

Now indulge with me over just a few pairs of shoes I’m drooling over for fall …






Versace For H&M Tomorrow … Now GET OOOUUUTTT!

Sigh. Versace for H&M tomorrow. Woo hoo? Sorry, I forgot to purchase my champagne to pop and streamers for the joyous event. I apologize if I seem less than excited for the unveiling of the collection in all H&M stores tomorrow. I really wish I could get excited enough to take a PTO day to wait outside of H&M and jump up and down as I see the overwhelmed store manager come to the door to unlock my Versace dreams, but I just can’t get behind it.

I love Versace, I love Donatella … and I might just love Maya Rudolph’s impression of her even more, “you bitch.”¬†I was in Miami when Gianni got murdered, I may have been like eight years old, but I was there dammit. I feel a connection to the brand, in fact our love recently got re-ignited when Gaga rocked it in her video for Edge of Glory.

Here’s what it is. I’m obsessed with the advertising for Versace at H&M. It is so innovative and actually gets me excited to see the collection¬†up close and personal. From the creepy doll house music and Donatella-esque models roaming about as the real Donatella controls them to the styling. Genius, pure genius. Even the website … I’m obsessed.

But here is what bothers me. Everything I want, including this FANTASTIC belt that defines Versace and is very reminiscent of what Gaga rocked, is listed on the website as being in “select stores,” with no price. What does that mean? I thought Versace was doing a line for H&M so it could be obtainable for the entire general population who cannot afford to make a reservation at an actual Versace boutique, no? And there it is, the one thing I would consider purchasing and it probably is extremely expensive, for H&M that is, and quite limited apparently. Why don’t I just throw in the towel and go find myself a REAL Versace belt, because I bet I can find it in any high-end boutique or department store WITH a price listed. Oh that’s right, I’m not bleeding money.

I’ve just become completely anti-designers doing collections for stores like H&M, Target, Macy’s and so on. Like I said with the Missoni line for Target, a piece from Versace, real Versace, should be a thing you work your ass off to get. Something you strive for, not something you have to smack a bitch to get in an H&M aisle. It is sweet that these designers want everyone to be able to indulge in their fashions, it really is and I commend them for that.

Call me crazy but when I get my first piece of Versace, I don’t want to purchase it with crazy town women fighting over sizes and running around H&M while rioting like it is the end of the world, only to hike the price up ridiculously high and sell it on Ebay, gross. I don’t want to have to wear battle gear and be prepared to elbow women to get exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to potentially walk out of H&M with claw marks up and down my person as I hold my H&M back as tight as I can, praying to Jesus I don’t get mugged by a Versace thirsty fashion fiend.

What I want is to make a reservation at a Versace boutique and have an extremely snobby Versace bitch serve me champagne and strawberries as she judges me under her breath. I want said snobby Versace bitch to bring out each piece from the collection one by one as I sit in a gold studded white leather chair, observing quietly, considering what I should try on. Call me crazy, but this is what I imagine a proper Versace experience to be like. A girl can dream, can’t she?

If you are going to H&M tomorrow, God speed, I would probably arm yourself with pepper spray or something. I have a feeling that scene isn’t going to be pretty.