Style Stud Of The Week: Tom Ford 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Lady-Gaga-Tom-Ford-I-Want-Your-Love-9I’ve become obsessed with a music video, kids … which hasn’t happened since pre-Britney shaving her head. And for the infants reading this post, music videos once lived on a magical thing called MTV, before it was filled with idiots thinking they are “dating” Leonardo DiCaprio, but really are getting intimate over the phone with an overweight 15-year-old girl with self esteem problems who want to stick it to all her “haters”. I digress though. 

Tom Ford, instead of having a tradition runway show to introduce his 2016 spring/summer collection, decided to showcase it in an out-of-the-box fashion with Lady Gaga, who did a re-make of Chic’s “I Want Your Love.” Before I go on, if you don’t know the original version, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this. I demand it. It’s disco genius (yes, I was clearly born in the wrong decade)


This video with Lady Gaga, though … gives me chills. Soul train lines, stunning models (like 90’s-style gorgeous models … not “squad” members that I want to secretly kick), beautiful fashion, and Gaga. It’s … I mean … :::drooling::: I’ve not ashamed to say I’ve watched it like 45,000 times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The thing I love most about it is Lady Gaga. She’s no model, happens to be short, and in fact was made fun of as a teen for her appearance (girls suck). It just goes to show that with an excessive amount of confidence, a good strut, and a pure unadulterated love for fashion … (and great hair and makeup artists) … anyone can rub shoulders with the most beautiful people in the world. 

Hey … it kind of makes me feel like I could even get up there and join their soul train line (although to be honest I would probably pee myself in fear).

So I’ll shut the hell up now so you can indulge in my Style Stud of the week … Tom Ford’s 2016 spring/summer collection, starring Lady Gaga. Swoon.

(click the image)


Hello Comfort, My Old Friend …

I haven’t said this in a REALLY long time, but I’m extremely pumped for this upcoming week. 1. It’s a three-day work week, 2. Thursday is Thanksgiving, 3. It is one of the rare and few times of the year when eating and drinking as much as you want is totally acceptable and almost expected and 4. Enjoying time with family and friends.

I remember when I was little, my mom would make me get dressed up in some velour, uncomfortable something or other and we would all go over to my Aunts house. I would eventually end up at the kids table where family members would come around with plates of ham and turkey and then expect me to chase it down with a glass of milk, since that is what my cousins drank. Ugh … it still makes me queasy just thinking about it. But let me walk you through my modern-day Thanksgiving, which I have to say is genius … pure genius.

I wake up, watch the Thanksgiving Day parade (it’s tradition in my house), probably work on nursing some sort of hangover (since the night prior is one of the biggest party nights of the year), nosh on a bagel, hate myself for never becoming a Rockette … the usual. Around noon or 1 p.m. I will make my way upstairs and take a shower. Sidebar for a second, the reason why my Turkey Day is so genius is because I don’t have to leave my house … ever. Everyone comes to me, ah the glory. I digress though …

I’ll get out of the shower and start pondering outfit options for that day and into the evening. Sure, guests will be coming over, but these are all people who have known me my ENTIRE life. It isn’t like I’m having William and Kate over or Barack and Michelle … for the love of God. But regardless, especially during a holiday, I loathe dressing like a slob. But I’ll say this much, don’t expect me to throw on my proper party dress and my best five-inch heels, so I can put an apron over said fabulous party dress and serve festive hors d’oeuvres and cocktails … give me a break.

It should honestly be illegal to wear anything uncomfortable or constricting on Thanksgiving. It is a solid and known fact that the amount of sodium and fat you will intake will make you blow up to the point of feeling like the Michelin Man. So when I’m pondering outfits for Turkey Day, I go for the two C’s: Chic and comfortable. Leggings are acceptable with a cute cardigan or sweater over it, while accessorizing to the 9’s. If you must, sure, rock a pair of skinny jeans … but only if they have some give in the waist, otherwise you will be proving the awful “Pajama Jeans” commercial correct with the button of your jeans digging into your belly button to the point where it starts bleeding, ick.

Honestly, anything oversized, from sweaters to T-shirts, is right on the money for when you slink into a food coma after dinner and retire to “Beached Whale” position on the couch. Shoe wise, leave your heels and uncomfortable boots in your closet for some proper R&R. Instead, if you aren’t going anywhere, or feel super comfortable at the place you will be spending the holiday, rock a pair of Uggs (preferably if you aren’t leaving your house … you all know how I feel about them), or a chic, cozy pair of outside life appropriate slippers, you know slippers that look like moccasins or something.

So, unless you are going to a five-star restaurant for Thanksgiving, there is absolutely no reason to get remotely dressed up. This is a holiday spent with close family and friends, people who respect and love who you are … hopefully. I promise the paparazzi won’t be outside your house waiting to see you dressed down, there will be no competition of who wore what best (unless you and a sister or cousin have some sort of weird rivalry) and I swear, one day of still dressing super cute, but perhaps a little more on the casual, comfy side will not land in on 2011’s “Worst Dressed” List.

So look cute, but focus on the two C’s first and foremost. Comfort and being chic. If wearing five-inch heels and a sick dress is your definition of comfort, then rock it girl. I clearly think you are crazytown, but that’s just me being obviously over judgmental, my apologies.

Try to take this day to indulge in good food, good wine, good conversation and good people. I personally cannot wait to let my closet fade to black for a day as I bask in the glory that is stretchy black pants, a fantastic sweater, some vintage jewelry and a great pair of slippers.