Confessions Of A Diet Coke Addict

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Hi my name is Kate, and I’m a Diet Coke addict.

I feel like a Diet Coke addiction is trendy … or has become trendy over the years. A LOT of people drink the stuff, mostly because they think it is the healthier choice. Me? Well … I drank it because I loved/love the taste. The sweet sweet carbonation. The bubbles tickling your throat as they travel down. The refreshing feeling that leaves you wanting more and more. DAMMIT. I need to stop.

But yeah … you come across people and they openly admit, “yeah I’m a Diet Coke addict.” And then you say, “no way ME TOO.” And you guys laugh and giggle and crack open cans of the sweet sweet nectar. #Trendy. But in reality, it is my gateway soft drink. I don’t want to eat certain things if they aren’t accompanied by Diet Coke. Pizza, for example. Pizza and water? Woof. Pizza and a foundation Diet Coke … HELL. YES. Water and hummus? Sure. See, healthier choices.

Right now I’m all about getting healthy. I blame it on the fact that I’ve been hiding under what I like to call “hibernation gear” to help me withstand this awful winter we’ve had, and the thought of slipping on a tiny little sundress makes me want to vom. I need a spray tan and to lose 10 pounds IMMEDIATELY before any of that happens. So whenever I get on a healthy kick the first thing I do is go to Diet Coke rehab. Not really … it’s more just me drinking a lot of water and unsweetened iced teas and trying not to murder people as I ween myself off.

I know a lot of you think Diet Coke is the “healthier choice,” and it is compared to a lot of the other more sugary options … but at the end of the day … it isn’t good for you. One a day? Sure, go for it. But I can’t just have one. Honestly … and this is a judgement free zone … I used to sometimes have six cans of Diet Coke a day :::hides face:::. SIX. Okay shake your shame stick. I deserve it. :::Sigh::: Hence why a Diet Coke addict can’t just have one. I’ll end up passed out surrounded by cans and cans of Diet Coke by the end of the evening.

If you think I’m nuts, let me tell you a little story called, “When I Gave Up Diet Coke In College For Two Weeks.” No lie … I lost 10 pounds. I wasn’t working out … I wasn’t taking diet pills … I literally just stopped drinking soda. But by not drinking soda, I was making healthier choices. Like I said above, certain non-healthy foods just don’t seem appetizing without the saucy little temptress known as Diet Coke.

So right now I’m on Day 3 without Diet Coke. I’m drinking a lot of water and a lot of black tea. I haven’t given up caffeine … I’m not insane. I’m pretty sure I would turn into the Incredible Hulk without caffeine. I almost caved last night … but since none was in my reach I refrained and stuck to water. But overall I feel less bloated, less weighed down. I actually feel lighter … which is a weird, but great, sensation. Only when you stop drinking Diet Coke do you realize how disgusting it truly makes you feel. Also aspartame is kind of the devil. But I’m not about to get all Preachy McPreach on your asses.

My challenge to all you Diet Coke addicts, or soda drinkers in general, is to go cold turkey with me. If you’re up to my challenge, share with me your trials, tribulations and successes! It’s worth seeing what happens, right? And if you turn into the Incredible Hulk and start flipping tables … I’m TOTALLY not to blame … got it?

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Hydrate … For. The. Love. Of. GOD.

zoolander-mermaidI’ve been battling a Diet Coke addiction for years. There. I said it. Diet Coke is the saucy temptress that will forever be the bane of my existence. I’ve gotten on the sweet, sweet carbonated wagon, and I’ve harshly fallen off, bingeing on cans and cans a day. Ugh.

And with that being said, I loathe drinking water. Sure, when you are parched or wake up in the morning after a long night of drinking, nothing in life is better than a cold glass of water. But besides that … meh. The times where I did successfully push Diet Coke out of my life and adopted a clean drinking regime (meaning only water), I did feel amazing. I peed a lot, but I felt like gold (no pun intended?).

But my sweet, sweet, carbonated friend in the silver and red can is deceiving. You think you are choosing the “healthier soda choice” by sticking by his side. He’s slim, chic, timeless … and Taylor Swift backs him. But he has another evil henchman that stands behind him silently, also known as “Aspartame.” Ps. I feel like lightning should strike every time you say “Assssssspartame.”

Aspartame is the fucking devil. And according to a source at the FDA :::glavin:::, it is pretty into messing up your whole entire body. The list of side effects is disturbing, and I’m pretty sure I would make you fall asleep if I listed them all … yes there are THAT many. But to summarize, it may cause everything from depression, cancer, fatigue, severe anxiety attacks, and horrible pain whilst swallowing … like I said, the fucking devil. Really makes H20 a little less yawn-worthy, am I right?

So I’m not only putting myself at high risk for disease, psychological problems and pain … BUT … I’m also making myself look like a hot mess? What?! Thanks, Daily Mail, for bringing this to my attention. I’ve been investing in expensive hydrating cremes, anti-puffery serums, the souls of the young and beautiful (juuuust kidding) to make myself look vibrantly wake and stunningly amazing … and all this time, I could have just been drinking copious amounts of water?!

Yes, water is, indeed, the key to life and youth. And who knew the key to life and youth was so boring. But if you are tired of being and looking tired, saddle up and start chugging some liter jugs of water. Because apparently that’s all it takes. One to three glasses a day won’t do the trick. If you want results you need to go big or go home to the land of tired looking skin.

I do think I need Diet Coke rehab and a sponsor, for that matter. If anyone is up for the challenge, let me know. But to try to have flawless skin and look years younger just from adopting a life of water, water and more water … well that is something I might want to sign up for.


I’m Addicted …

We all have our addictions in life. Whether it is Diet Coke or hard drugs … you are addicted to something (hopefully not hard drugs though, if so please seek help). I’m serious, if you think you are one of those chosen few who doesn’t have addictions or vices, well my friend, hate to be the bearer of bad news but  … you are wrong, very very wrong. It could just be as simple as a high you get from having a really good conversation with a really great person, but it’s there.

So I was thinking about all of my addictions in life, and luckily most of mine are PG … and fashion related which is the real sick part. So the first step is admitting you have said addiction, right? So here goes … just a few things in life I find myself honestly addicted to, ahem:

Straightening My Hair: I literally have a back up hair straightener if God forbid my one that I call “Jesus” breaks. Hi, issues … what’s up.

Pinterest: I can’t stop … won’t stop. My “Wall of Awesome” is out of control. Damn you iPhone Apps.

Diet Coke: It has been a year long battle, and after months of doing well … one migraine headache has knocked me back on the sauce.

Social Media: I blame it on the fact that I’m a blogger … but I love being connected.

Red Nail Polish: I’ve never gone through a full bottle of nail polish, but when it comes to “Come to Bed Red,” I’ve depleted two whole bottles.

Lip Gloss: I can safely say I have freaking 10 different lip glosses in my hand bag right now … TEN! Sick.

The Color Black: Take a step into my closet and you will understand what I mean.

Zippers/Studs/Sequins: If these are found on any kind of garment or accessory … it will most likely end up in my closet.

Sparkle: I find this to be a romantic accent … and I’m ultimately attracted to it. I’m beginning to think I have a legit problem.

Things That Are Abstract: I’m beginning to loathe the traditional. So if there is an exaggerated piece of jewelry or something really different … I will attack it.

iPhone: Since I’ve gotten the damn thing I don’t think I’ve put it down. Is there a thing called being TOO connected?

Stilettos: I went from the girl who always wore flats to the girl who if I don’t wear heels one day, people will comment.

Looking Perfect: I know there is no such thing as “perfect” and I like a world where people don’t use or believe in the word because it is so completely unobtainable. But we all have our own personal level of “perfect.” When I say I’m addicted to looking perfect, I mean looking perfect according to my standards.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: This season is ah-mazing.

Forever 21: I should own stock in the store. In fact, if I ever saw the total amount of money that I’ve given them over the past six year … I would probably vom.

Black Eye Liner/Mascara: I need that extra eye pop.

Lady Gaga: From the music to her clothes to her eye for art … I love it all.

Black and White: My whole entire universe is based off of a black and white color scheme. Help. Police. Murder.

Caffeine: I literally want to drop houses on people when I don’t have enough caffeine.

Writing: When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. When I’m writing … I want to be writing more.

Sam Edelman Shoes: I own two pairs and I currently have them atop of a shrine in my room … shrine meaning my desk.

Karl Lagerfeld: I don’t know how I could be addicted to a man I’ve never met, but just his aura and vision is addictive … and therefore I am.