I have a Dell laptop in my life … but luckily my personal laptop that I spoon, caress and love unconditionally happens to be a Mac. Last night I found myself writing a blog post on my Dell, but missing the ease of dragging a picture to my desktop and hitting three simple buttons to take a screen shot. So I switched back to good old Apple Land … a piece of machinery that keeps me sane … and stops me from punting my Dell across the room. At this moment, I thanked Steve Jobs.

Yes, the man revolutionized the industry and made it extremely chic to be considered a genius and a computer nerd all at the same time. His technology had a chain reaction throughout almost every industry … even the fashion industry. And when Walkmans and Discmans and headphones turned into iPods and ear buds, the sporty spices out there needed a place to put them while working on their fitness.

And that is when certain garments were made specifically with a place for you to put your Apple technology so you didn’t have to stick it in your cleavage or in your waist band hoping for the best (not that I did that or anything …).┬áiClothing made it possible to work out and listen to She Bangs by Ricky Martin without having to hold the iPod, because it is so cumbersome and all, have wires strangle you or have it fall out of your pocket interrupting your workout. Specific pockets that fit almost every iPod size were being sewn into bras, hats, sleeves of t-shirts and even sneakers, revolutionizing the activewear lines all because of how popular an Apple product was. I never saw Nike sewing huge, industrial sized pockets to fit a Walkman back in the 80’s now did I?

So thank you, Steve for making a gadget so cool that actually made me want to go out and buy it so I would get off my ass and be able to “listen to music at the gym,” a.k.a. I said buying an iPod would make me want to go to the gym more, but I really just wanted a cool piece of technology. I do believe there WERE smart people out there who ACTUALLY bought an iPod and ACTUALLY got their fitness on so much that the activewear industry saw this and in an effort to get those iSporty Spices to buy their clothing, made pieces that fit this uber cool piece of technology, in essence, making them Steve Jobs’ bitch.

Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Steve Jobs.

Rest in peace.

The Power of a Red Pout

It can be difficult to dig yourself out of what seems like an endless emotion hole, and I have to admit this weekend I was in a deep one. But there gets to a point where you have to say to yourself, ENOUGH, get up and do that one thing that brings your joy. For me, my Sundays are spent shopping and or doing research for my writing (which involves shopping). And sometimes throwing on a pair of jeans with a comfy shopping shirt isn’t enough to make you want to get out of that said “funk,” so other reinforcements need to be called in. For me, it was the red lipstick.

I do not have an Angelina Jolie pout in any way in fact I have the opposite. I’m pale, I have faded freckles, blue eyes and right now my hair is long and dark brown, until I get bored. But throwing on that vintage t-shirt, skinny’s and then a red lip literally made me feel like I was carrying a vile of my brother’s blood around my neck … well maybe not that crazytown … but confidence was instilled is what I am getting at.

So what constitutes the right red? First of all, avoid orange and pink tones … ick. Second of all, make sure your lips are moisturized before applying this kind of intense lip stick, otherwise it will not spread evenly and you will look the ultimate hot mess. We are going for the confident, “I don’t give a fuck about you fools,” look … not the, “hi, I have 15 cats and I read encyclopedias for fun,” look. Mac has some great shades to play around with, but my favorite is Russian Red. It is everything the name says and don’t worry about it coming off … because it never will, trust.

If you just want to run out to your local pharmacy, I always go straight to Revlon. From nail polishes to rouge … they know what is up outside of Sephora’s walls. Revlon Matte Really Red is a great start and really lets you indulge in the true pop of red.

Don’t be afraid of red lips … take it for a test drive when you are going shopping, running errands … or even sitting watching a movie. It is just another opportunity to feel like a new, better you.