Swooning Over Louis

When art and fashion combine, my mind explodes … in a good way of course. But no for real, when crazytown abstract artists pair with iconic and amazing fashion houses my mind explodes in the most FANTASTIC way possible. And that is what happened when I learned a little about Ms. Yayoi Kusama. I was an art history minor in college and fell in love with modern, contemporary and abstract art. My eyes would light up when we would learn about crazytown nonsense like the piece called “Piss Christ” (yeah … never heard of it? Look it up). Not because I would actually buy a piece like this but because I found the artist and the story behind the piece absolutely fascinating.

Yayoi Kusama, the latest designer to turn Louis Vuitton into an even more fantastic spectacle than it already is, if that is even possible, gained fame simply by running around New York City in the 60’s painting polka dots on naked bodies. Really? Like why the hell couldn’t that have been me? Or maybe it was in a past-life, I mean who the hell knows. The polka dot is so damn iconic. You could have a polka dot dress and literally wear it and style it differently throughout any trend wave. But painting polka dots comes with a price as she found herself going broke and decided to go back home to Tokyo and check herself into a mental institution. Like, what? Really? All the woman wanted was fame, and when she left the art scene in New York City, her name faded almost as fast as her polka dot-inspired art.

And now … years later, I mean this woman is in a wheel chair for christ sake, she has every large and in charge person in fashion bowing at her feet. Not only that, but also has all art world eyes on her as she has an exhibit at the Whitney Museum in Brooklyn. Art can be so depressing. There are slash were so many talented people out there with such great visions … even if they happened to be crazytown, and had to go through life poor, tortured, and broken just to survive to make said art. And only until they are 100 years old, or dead, or incapacitated is when some big shot in the art or fashion world takes an interest in them and they blow the hell up.

I digress though. This collection for Louis Vuitton makes me drool in a truly embarrassing fashion. Sure, some pieces have a Kate Spade feel to them with the polka dots and okay maybe, just maybe, polka dots aren’t really “Louis Vuitton,” … yet are SO Marc Jacobs, but who the hell cares, polka dots are so me and I’m so Marc Jacobs, and then the world makes sense again :::sigh:::. Seriously, and I know this sounds awful, I may or may not sell a family member just to get one of these bags … specifically the black and white polka-dotted bag. Okay, okay … I totally wouldn’t sell a family member, calm down … I’m not that shallow … but maybe a pet. Just maybe. If I couldn’t have the bag then I’ll settle for a pair of those fly sunglasses. I definitely wouldn’t sell a pet for the sunglasses … but maybe my soul. Just maybe.

It’s one thing to be bombarded by collection after collection during fashion week, but when you get a treat like this, a beautiful and iconic collection with an artist behind it who has a rich and interesting story, well … this is what fashion is all about. I mean you go, Yayoi, flaming pink wig, polka-dotted moo moo and mismatching socks and all. I’ve always said fashion and art go hand-in-hand, hence why I minored in it in college since St. Joes didn’t have “I wanna write for the fashion industry 101.”

I love when fashion makes my head explode. Thanks, Marc Jacobs for being awesome per usual.