Flats on Flats on Flats

Nicky_Hilton-01-fullI hate winter. Die Polar Vortex. Down with the chill. Etc. Etc. Blah, blah, I’m cold.

I’m over talking about winter. Really, I am. But you know what I’m NOT over talking about? Spring and my soon-to-be established spring wardrobe. I literally broke out in a sweat when I heard it was going to be 60 degrees this week because I’ve been existing in bulky sweaters. Hell, I’ve been so layered I almost forgot I had taas.

Starting a new seasonal wardrobe is not only intimidating, it’s overwhelming. I need skirts, and tops, and oh my Gawd are they really going to make me wear crop tops this season?! And so on and so forth. So I like to keep it simple and fun when starting this process. Lucky for me this week while on a hunt on the interwebs to find something that would make me happy, I found flat mecca, also known as the ModCloth shoe section.

If I could only use one website, besides Gmail, Twitter and Facebook (I feel like they don’t count), I would absolutely take ShopStyle.com and run. If you’ve never used it, I’m about to ba-low ya mind. So say you are in the market for purple polka dotted tights (I have no idea where this example came from), and you didn’t feel like visiting a million and five websites to find said tights. Well, my friends, you hop to ShopStyle, type in “purple polka dotted tights,” and boom! There ya have it. Millions of options. The only thing that bums me out when I use this tool is when I forget to set my price limits and the first thing that pops up is like this to-die-for Celine handbag that I THINK I can afford, but alas, can’t. This girl lives in the $1-$100 range on ShopStyle. Whomp. Whomp.

Anywho, I realized my black flats needed to be retired (I mean I was coloring them in with a black Sharpie … it was time to go), so I went to ShopStyle and typed in “black flats” and henceforth found shoe mecca on ModCloth. Not only are these styles affordable, they are different and not in a hipster, trendy, “I’m too cool for oxygen” kind of way. I literally was salivating and had to stop myself from buying 10 pairs. Why not heels you ask? Because I work in the city, and unfortunately had to give up my four-inch heel obsession for a bit, as my tootsies couldn’t handle it. Anyways we are talking flats here, duh!

So in an effort to ignite spring wardrobes all over the country, I give you my favorite pairs of flats from ModCloth. All affordable … and all will be mine … one day. Don’t they make you just want to frolic?



Confessions Of A Style Site Addict

Hello, my name is Kate and I subscribe to waaaaay too many style and sale related email blasts. It honestly is starting to get comical. When I wake up in the morning I turn off my iPhone alarm and check my personal email only to find like over 10 emails. Are they work related? No. Are they from family or friends? Nope. It is more like five LivingSocialĀ deals, five Groupons and sporadic, “Kate, Barneys is showcasing Missoni today!” and “So and so is following you on Pinterest!” Every morning, I’m haunted by great deals present and ghosts of my past purchases.

I make it a point to always check the “no thanks, I do not want to receive your annoying email blasts just because I bought a T-shirt” button right before I make a purchase or sign up for something. But somehow, I’m always receiving emails from these people about nonsense I don’t care about. Conspiracy, I think yes. Like for example, I bought my mom a purse from Barneys last year (I know I’m the best daughter in the world), politely clicked the “please don’t torture me with your emails of pretty clothing I can’t afford” button, and yet … daily … I get torture some emails. Look, please leave me alone until the day when I can actually get excited over the fact that a Chanel bag is marked down to $4,500 instead of $5,000, kay thanks.

Over the past two years, I have fallen down several “style site” rabbit holes. Esty, Pinterest, Gilt Groupe, Barneys, Amazon, Fab.com, Covet, Rue La La, Polyvore, Refinery29, Shopstyle, Send the Trend and probably numerous others (I have sick issues, right?) People send me recommendations to join these sites and I accept like a damn fool only to have my inbox flooded with so many style options, opinions, articles and sales that my mind gets so boggled I don’t even know where to find my sanity. The sad part is, I NEVER go on these sites. Maybe once every two weeks, if I’m lucky.

I don’t even know how I ended up on some of them, like Send the Trend, where the hell did you come from? Did I get style roofied or are people signing me up without my knowledge? You know what, there needs to be like a Kayak-esque site for style sites so I can get all my information in one place so I don’t turn into a recluse who spends her time feeding cats and scrolling through these sites with no friends, social life or job. Someone kindly get on that, Zuckerberg, I’m lookin’ at you bud.

And LivingSocial and Groupon, well I do that to myself straight up. I’m signed up in three different locations because I live one place, that is close to a huge city, and work in a completely different area. But sometimes I don’t care if 500 viles of Botox are 55% off, okay? I’ve received a bazillion deals, contemplated buying millions and bought … yep … ONE. Why don’t I unsubscribe? Because I secretly like being tortured by them … and I like the option of one day being spontaneous and getting a 53% off hot stone massage somewhere.

So at the end of the day, what really revs my engine when I see it waiting for me in my inbox is Fab.com. The name says it all because it is fab … .com. Yes, some of the stuff is crazytown expensive, but most of it is really affordable, one-of-a-kind treasures. It is like a club you have to be invited to, otherwise you cannot participate … but I love it.

The rest of it, well … I’m still unsubscribing … or so I think.