Me, Rosacea, And It Cosmetics

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.13.41 AMI feel like I was lied to as a teenager. “Only teens have bad skin,” they said. “You’ll only have to worry about wrinkles and fine lines starting in your late 20’s,” every advertisement ever said.


Here are am, on the presuppose of 30, knees deep in skincare products because, wait for it, oh yeah, my skin went to shit a few months ago. Why. No seriously, like why? 

As a teenager I had immaculate skin. I was that asshole that got a weird pimple on her chin once in a blue moon and would cure it with a 99 cent bottle of rubbing alcohol. 

But I feel like the minute I turned 29, my face was like, “SUCK IT, BITCH, WELCOME TO THE TERROR DOME,” and turned itself into this red, blotchy mess, with pimple-like beasts everywhere. I assumed I had acquired “adult acne” which magnified my hatred for everything 20x more. 

After spending a fortune on “ultra calming” creams and serums, face masks (that ended up irritating my skin even more), and an arsenal of concealers and foundations to try and hide the horrid mess my skin had become, I threw in the towel and decided to go see a professional. 

Long story short, a dermatologist diagnosed with rosacea. Which doesn’t have a cure. Oh yeah and is treated “simply” with 2 doses of an antibiotic daily, and 2 applications of a medicated cream daily. Sigh.

I don’t want to be all, “I have rosacea, whoa as me :::faints on a chaise:::” because life could be a lot worse. But it really has effed with my confidence. I didn’t even feel motivated to apply makeup as I knew within a few hours of my day, my face would just look blotchy and flushed once more. What’s the point, you know?

That was until my mom, who literally never sleeps, was up watching QVC at 3 a.m. (freak) and was introduced to a brand called “It Cosmetics.” 

“Kate! This brand helps people with rosacea,” she exclaimed excitedly. 

“Mom, first of all, stop watching QVC at 3 a.m., and also I’m not buying some weird makeup brand off of freaking QVC,” I said in a shameful tone. (I’m such a bitch.)

But I was desperate to start looking like myself again. So I looked into this “It.” Turns out it is sold in Ulta, and, after viewing their videos, my God, their products really do fight the good fight against rosacea, meaning it covers up the damn redness. (Sorry for doubting you, Ma)

Guys … It Cosmetics has changed my life (and no, they aren’t paying me to say this). I traded in my $50 fancy shmancy Laura Mercier foundation for It Cosmetics CC Cream. Not only is it cheaper ($38 dollars and a little goes a long way), I’m finally starting to feel like me again as this product has proved to me that it can truly help keep the redness at bay. In fact I’m itching to try their other products. 

Rosacea sucks. It just does. Every time I get out of the shower and see my flushed red face with blotches all over it, I want to cry. I can’t have a glass of wine without looking flushed like I just ran 10 miles. Going “makeup free” will never be an option for me, unless my goal is to frighten small children. It’s just a straight up confidence killer.

But having a product line that actually covers up the redness and blotchiness without making you feel like you’re wearing stage makeup is kind of a God sent. Like I said in my Instagram post, I would make out with it if it wouldn’t be totally weird. 

So for those of you who are rosacea sufferers like myself (which are way more than I thought), I’m preaching the It Cosmetics gospel, HARD. So go … fight the redness with ease for a change.

Thanks to It Cosmetics for helping me get my swagger back.

How Much My Face Costs

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.25.19 PMI hate to admit this. In fact, I’m typing with one hand and covering my face in shame with the other. But I’m slightly mystified with the Kardashians. I’m not proud of it. But after a long day, it’s something I can turn my brain off and be entertained by, much like staring at something shiny, ya know?

Therefore when I see an article that says something like, oh I don’t know … “This is How Much Kylie Jenner Spends On Her Face,” I click on it. (Oh shut it, you probably did, too) 

I was expecting thousands and thousands of dollars would be spent, between the lip fillers and her star-studded cast of hair stylists and makeup artists. But the youngest of the Kardashian clan spends around a little over $3,000 for the whole sha-bang. While for me, that price is shocking and a bit appalling, for her it’s kind of like, “really? That’s all?” 

Which made me want to evaluate my own beauty regiment, because I don’t know about you, but I wake up looking like a gargoyle. So I need a LOT of help de-gargoyling myself before I can show my face in public without scaring small children. 

While I was a little nervous, yet 110% positive I wouldn’t come close to Kylie’s over $3,000 beauty budget, I decided to crunch the numbers and see how much I actually spend to fake dance around people and be all, “I WOKE UP LIKE DIS,” but in reality I woke up super early and applied X amount of dollars worth of shit to my body so I didn’t frighten you. 

So here it is … 


Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Face Cleanser: $7.99

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: $11.99

Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer: $20.00

Miss Spa Brightening Facial Sheet Mask: $3.99 (only once in a blue moon, though)

Rubbing Alcohol: $3.29 (this is my solution to all breakouts … it’s glorious)


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation: $36 (I still don’t know if this shit ACTUALLY does anything)

Benefit Erase Paste: $26 (the cream of the Gods)

Laura Mercier Foundation: $48

Mac Bronzing Power: $26

Benefit Sugarbomb Box O’ Powder: $28 (I randomly found this stuffed in the back of my makeup drawer, and now I’m obsessed)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara: $24

Sephora Collection Long-lasting 12-hour liquid eyewear: $12

Sephora Collection Retractable Eyebrow Pencil: $13

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss Lipstick: $5.79 (my current lip jam)


TRESeme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo: $4.99

Conditioner from a hair dye box (depends): $6.99 (yes, I buy the box hair dye, and only use the conditioner because it rocks that hard)

Keratin shit from my salon: $20 (it has my salon’s logo on it, so I don’t know exactly where you could get it.  What up, Verde Salon)

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: $5.99 (only when I’m super lazy and don’t want to wash my hair, which is constantly)

Grand total to NOT look like a gargoyle: $304.02 

I mean it isn’t TERRIBLE, right? RIGHT?! GOOD GOD, TELL ME I DON’T HAVE ISSUES! Sigh. I blame Sephora. Damn you, Sephora and all of your shiny goodness, DAMN YOU! :::shakes fist::: (just kidding, love you, mean it)


What’s Up With My Face?

d-6829Can I just say one of the most overwhelming things in life happens to be figuring out what kind of skincare regiment you should use on your face? Dear. God. Do you have oily skin? Dry skin? A combination perhaps? Is your skin overly red? Having breakouts? Are your eyes puffy? What about your jawline? I mean …

Because it would be far too expensive and time consuming to try out all these different, insane options for every centimeter of my skin, I rely heavily on major fashion publications to tell me the best skincare products to use. But even then, the options make me dizzy. 

Maybe it is life in general or added stress … but my face has been a hot mess as of late. Breakouts, redness, dry patches … I mean the works. And for a girl who NEVER had acne problems before in her LIFE to start having them at age 28 is a cruel, cruel joke, God. Seriously. Like we don’t have enough to deal with. Now I’m rubbing shoulders with 15-year-old nerds in the acne cream aisle. 

That’s when I realized I don’t really have a “skincare regiment” and dear God, my makeup brushes haven’t been washed in months, and holy shit, maybe the body wash I use in the shower shouldn’t be the only thing I use to wash my face (I know, I’m awful). I mean … no wonder I look like a pubescent teen. Yes, stress is probably a HUGE factor and maybe the fact that I had my period that week had something to do with it as well (hi gents reading this), but this is when it hit me: Just because I moisturize my face after I wash it doesn’t mean I’m “taking care of it.” Oh yeah … and I’m a lazy, lazy bitch.

So I started doing my research. Best moisturizers. Best face cleansers. Best way to clear up irritated skin. And guess what? I was overwhelmed. My heart was pounding, I got dizzy, I had to take a timeout for snacks and water. So instead I started searching through my favorite brands (all found at Ulta or drug stores because ain’t nobody got time to play around with $300 moisturizers from the tears of angels). Aveeno. Garnier. Neutrogena. Kiehls (okay maybe not a drugstore brand, but God I die for one of their products). Brands that I’ve relied on and grown old-ish with. And you know what? I actually found products that I adore. 

So while I’m well aware that we all have different skin types and different budgets, here are a few of my favorite products that have been a life changer for my hot mess face. 

1. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream for Dry Skin: This stuff not only makes you look hydrated and glorious, it also feels amazing when you apply it. Nice and cold. Perfect if you are a little hungover, especially under the eyes. I can’t get enough of this shit, and always put too much on because I lerve it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.11.31 AM

2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser: No more using my body wash to clean my face in the shower for this guy. Nope. I now feel like I’ve officially become an adult. Anyways … I’ve been using this jazz for about a week and already my skin looks less red, has less blemishes, and just looks … well … radiant. At least I think so :::flips hair:::

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.15.01 AM

3. Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer: Okay, this isn’t found in a drugstore, but I mean a girl is allowed to splurge, back off. I gotta say this is one of my most favorite products for my face. And if you put it on before bed, you will wake up and your eyes WILL NOT be puffy. Amazing, right? Allergies, hangovers, crying over idiots and stupid situations, life in general? No remanence of that shit will be left under your eyes after using this stuff.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.18.59 AM

4. Miss Spa Brightening Facial Mask: Because my skin turned into such a disaster area, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use a face mask once a month or every two weeks. And Ulta has a brand called “Miss Spa” that has a ton of options for different types of skin. I was a little hesitant since they were kind of cheap … but the end result was fantastic. My skin felt clean and refreshed … just like I had gone to an actual spa … but really was Instagramming funny pics of me wearing said face mask in my bedroom.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.21.39 AM

5. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes: But I thought you already washed your face? Well, if you’re anything like me, your towels are covered in mascara and eyeliner stains from your actual face cleanser failing to remove it all. Hence why a backup is necessary to tackle those waterproof bastards covering your eyes. Sometimes you’ll do anything and everything to go back to looking like a gargoyle after a long day simply to reapply it the next day. Sigh. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.25.11 AM