Style Stud: DYLANLEX Necklaces

Capture8I think I need jewelry rehab. Specifically my vintage jewelry obsession. It is starting to get comical. Every weekend I somehow acquire two more pieces … I just can’t help it. They are so affordable. And unique. And sad … sitting there in the vintage shops, all lonesome. Looking at me with those sparkly puppy dog eyes. I just HAVE to rescue them, right?! So yeah … I’m pretty much the cat lady of vintage jewelry.

But that is neither here nor there. What I do want to discuss is Dylanlex. The jewelry line that is making me drool all over my iPhone since I discovered them on Instagram. I mean … this collection is straight up necklace porn. It’s delicious. It is everything.

If I had to describe the perfect piece of jewelry for someone to buy for me, I would send them to this site (hint hint for all you ladies and gents just dying to win over my heart … ehhh?!) Hmm a $10 vintage necklace or an $800 rad piece of Dylanlex art. You know what, I’m THAT crazy about this line that I would contemplate living out of my car for a week with my cat with no food just to be able to afford one. Yep … that crazytown obsessed.

They are just … so beautiful … I mean … it’s just … I can’t. Just check it out. These bad boys have left me speechless … talk amongst ya selves.

Ps. There is a necklace named “Jagger” … which I assume is after my¬† most favorite person on the planet. I’m in lerve. Hearts are in my eyes.