Style Stud Of The Week: Tom Ford 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Lady-Gaga-Tom-Ford-I-Want-Your-Love-9I’ve become obsessed with a music video, kids … which hasn’t happened since pre-Britney shaving her head. And for the infants reading this post, music videos once lived on a magical thing called MTV, before it was filled with idiots thinking they are “dating” Leonardo DiCaprio, but really are getting intimate over the phone with an overweight 15-year-old girl with self esteem problems who want to stick it to all her “haters”. I digress though. 

Tom Ford, instead of having a tradition runway show to introduce his 2016 spring/summer collection, decided to showcase it in an out-of-the-box fashion with Lady Gaga, who did a re-make of Chic’s “I Want Your Love.” Before I go on, if you don’t know the original version, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this. I demand it. It’s disco genius (yes, I was clearly born in the wrong decade)


This video with Lady Gaga, though … gives me chills. Soul train lines, stunning models (like 90’s-style gorgeous models … not “squad” members that I want to secretly kick), beautiful fashion, and Gaga. It’s … I mean … :::drooling::: I’ve not ashamed to say I’ve watched it like 45,000 times and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The thing I love most about it is Lady Gaga. She’s no model, happens to be short, and in fact was made fun of as a teen for her appearance (girls suck). It just goes to show that with an excessive amount of confidence, a good strut, and a pure unadulterated love for fashion … (and great hair and makeup artists) … anyone can rub shoulders with the most beautiful people in the world. 

Hey … it kind of makes me feel like I could even get up there and join their soul train line (although to be honest I would probably pee myself in fear).

So I’ll shut the hell up now so you can indulge in my Style Stud of the week … Tom Ford’s 2016 spring/summer collection, starring Lady Gaga. Swoon.

(click the image)


Mmmm Fall …

We are in the fiery pits of summer hell right now people. I mean yay, summer, carefree, vacations … woo … but for real, having to function in over 90 degree heat everyday while trying to maintain a professional and chic look for work … I’m just over it. And as I got out of my car late the other night, I noticed a familiar breeze in the air with a twinge of a chill. Heaven can you hear me?

And with fall comes so many fabulous things to look forward to! Leaves changing, new fall wardrobes, the September issue of Vogue … NEW YORK CITY FASHION WEEK! And literally I am one of those freaks that considers the September issue of most magazines, W, Bazaar and Vogue mostly, as bibles. So when was awesome enough to give us a little sneak preview of the fabulous fall fashion ads from all the greatest designers, and after I stopped drooling all over my Macbook, I had to share with you the things that are making me survive these too hot to function summer days.

So behold the ads so far that I fancy the most and find fabulously bazaar featuring some of my most favorite designers and all the clothing I can’t really even afford to look at.

First of all it is Marc Jacobs. Second of all he is FINALLY making polka dots happen in such a major way. Who cares if a cracked out Helena Bonham Carter is his muse? Give me those gloves and that hat IMMEDIATELY.

Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld, Lagerfeld. This ad says nothing about the clothing, nothing about Chanel … in fact it kind of makes you want to go “what the eff,” but it is art and you have to bow down to it. Yes Lagerfeld, whatever you say master, I will dress like a mouse and hang outside of a photo booth as long as it is made by Chanel. What? You want to draw nonsensical words all over my face? Yes, master.

Alexander McQueen, God rest his soul and God bless Sarah Burton for kicking ass and taking names. These ads are so beyond powerful and disturbing. Due to the extreme success of the MoMA exhibit, I think we have to view the McQueen brand as art in fashion form. I could literally stare at these ads for days.

Tom Ford, this make up is tranny fierce, and I’m not even going to apologize for it. I was just thinking today about how I desperately need a striking, fire engine, come to bed red lip stick in my life. I’m also quite excited for all of these solid popping colors for the fall. Perhaps this is the fall where I don’t just wear minimalistic colors? I mean seriously, nothing is worse than people thinking they need to match the foliage outside … ick. Nope, just kidding, fall themed sweaters and turtlenecks … THAT would be the worst thing one could think of.

Holy lord, sign me up immediately for wearing proper hats in the fall. The idea makes my toes tingle, seriously. So Sportmax, I will literally take a piece of everything in this ad. But ladies, honestly, let’s make this hat trend happen. Come on, we made graphic tees, skinny jeans, neon sunglasses happen … we absolutely have the power to take it back to the 1920’s when women wore gloves, dresses, hats, and pants were a thing of shame. Men swooned and we looked damn hot. Ahh, the good ol’ days. Damn you Millennium.