Style Stud: Jinxed Philly

outside2Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m a vintage jewelry addict.

No I’m serious … I have complete vintage jewelry problems. You can tell by the ridiculous overflowing amount I have in my bedroom. I know, I know, I could have some other truly disturbing and life threatening vices in my life, but still, an addiction is an addiction. At least with this one my body is decorated amazingly at all times.

Meet Jinxed … the best Philly vintage store (in my opinion) AND my all-time favorite dealer of vintage jewels. At any given weekend you can find me there, face down in a pile of awesome necklaces, trying to figure out how I can financially afford 10 of them. But the reason why it is so tantalizing and addictive … is because the price is always right. $15 for a choker? $20 for some awesome weird looking statement piece that happens to look like the Philadelphia Flyers symbol? Umm hi, you’re mine.

I’ve always been a girl who would find her accessories at places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Forever 21 … because they secretly had/have some awesome pieces, you just have to look hard and be patient. And if you’re laughing at me that I ever bought jewelry from Forever 21, laugh again, friend. I actually have some fantastic pieces from like six years ago. I call it F21 vintage. Their jewelry is definitely shit now, but back in the day, there were some wow-worthy pieces, let me tell you. You just had to take care of them … which I did :::hair flip:::

I find something so interesting about vintage jewelry. The history, who owned them back in the day, how they got to the point of me holding them and lusting after them. And, hello, they are one-of-a-kind. Okay maybe they aren’t really … I’ll never be sure, but you probably won’t see some random gal at the bar wearing the same necklace as you if you happened to score it at Jinxed.

:::Sigh::: I must really like you people for telling you my vintage jewelry secret … so … you know … you’re welcome. Feel free to say hi to me on Saturday afternoons … I’m usually the girl holding a myriad of necklaces contemplating which to buy, and how I can have them all … and which organ I can sell to do so.

Check out some of my Jinxed scores below:




Old Clothes Should Be Cheap

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 8.40.34 PMFor a while, I was extremely turned off by vintage clothing, and it killed me. Because no offense, I really don’t want to pay a bazillion dollars for something that was worn and torn by another person. Whenever I would walk past a vintage store, I would immediately perk up thinking I would find some hidden treasure. But after being bitch slapped by cheap, overpriced clothing that wasn’t on trend over and over again, I just didn’t have the urge to “tag pop,” as the kids are saying nowadays.

But today … I found vintage Jesus. For me, vintage clothing should be accent pieces within your wardrobe. A nice little find that can add character and spice into your every day pieces. So when I stumbled upon this fabulous store, Frugal Resale, I was pleasantly surprised to see fashion forward pieces, for beyond amazing prices. That shirt above, which is my new baby, was $7. SEVEN. DOLLARS. It is on trend, so cute, fits great, doesn’t look cheap or beaten to death, and is something really different. And did I mention it was $7?

When I saw the price points and how many truly different and literal “vintage” pieces were staring back at me, I just got this violent urge to experiment. Oh yeah … I became a vintage whore. I was looking at outlandish blouses, and colorful dresses, and awful nightmare-ish 80’s pieces that my sister made fun of me for even thinking about trying on. But I mean for the love … that is what it is all about! For $7 … you can make some questionable fashion choices for once in your life … right?

Vintage is supposed to be fun, not pretentious. You don’t shop vintage so when someone asks you where you got that shirt you can flip your hair to the side, throw on a snobish smile and say, “yeah … it’s vintage.” I mean, do me a favor and shut your face, okay?

You should want to go in there and try things on that you would normally never buy for yourself … why? Because hopefully they will be a reasonable price … and you can buy it for funsies and experiment with a new, or even, old trend. That oversized white blazer that is clearly from the 1980’s … but so works with the menswear for women movement right now? Try it on! The white button down that looks like the puffy shirt from Seinfeld but really works with the black and white spring trend? Try it on!

Have fun. Don’t be pretentious. Don’t roll your eyes at the no-name labels. And for the love of Jesus, keep an open mind! So I would like to personally thank Frugal Resale for putting the fun back in vintage shopping. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun shopping … in all honesty.