Style Stud: Jinxed Philly

outside2Hi, my name is Kate, and I’m a vintage jewelry addict.

No I’m serious … I have complete vintage jewelry problems. You can tell by the ridiculous overflowing amount I have in my bedroom. I know, I know, I could have some other truly disturbing and life threatening vices in my life, but still, an addiction is an addiction. At least with this one my body is decorated amazingly at all times.

Meet Jinxed … the best Philly vintage store (in my opinion) AND my all-time favorite dealer of vintage jewels. At any given weekend you can find me there, face down in a pile of awesome necklaces, trying to figure out how I can financially afford 10 of them. But the reason why it is so tantalizing and addictive … is because the price is always right. $15 for a choker? $20 for some awesome weird looking statement piece that happens to look like the Philadelphia Flyers symbol? Umm hi, you’re mine.

I’ve always been a girl who would find her accessories at places like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Forever 21 … because they secretly had/have some awesome pieces, you just have to look hard and be patient. And if you’re laughing at me that I ever bought jewelry from Forever 21, laugh again, friend. I actually have some fantastic pieces from like six years ago. I call it F21 vintage. Their jewelry is definitely shit now, but back in the day, there were some wow-worthy pieces, let me tell you. You just had to take care of them … which I did :::hair flip:::

I find something so interesting about vintage jewelry. The history, who owned them back in the day, how they got to the point of me holding them and lusting after them. And, hello, they are one-of-a-kind. Okay maybe they aren’t really … I’ll never be sure, but you probably won’t see some random gal at the bar wearing the same necklace as you if you happened to score it at Jinxed.

:::Sigh::: I must really like you people for telling you my vintage jewelry secret … so … you know … you’re welcome. Feel free to say hi to me on Saturday afternoons … I’m usually the girl holding a myriad of necklaces contemplating which to buy, and how I can have them all … and which organ I can sell to do so.

Check out some of my Jinxed scores below:




Swooning Over Some Spark

Is there anything better in life than surviving an ultra bland Wednesday only to come home to find a shiny package patiently waiting for you from the Postal Service?! Okay … maybe it wasn’t shiny … maybe it was cardboard, but in my head it had a halo around it, alright.

So I bet you are dying to know what was inside, right? Well let me walk you through my experience of opening said package …

Step 1: Desperately trying not to rip open my package like the Incredible Hulk.


Step 2: Succeed … and holy lord, is that a Kitsch hair tie keeping together the posh and pink tissue paper?! The note and spectacular post card … Packaging. Is. Everything.


Step 3: You had me at black velvet jewelry bag.


Step 4: And there she is. :::Sigh::: Isn’t she beautiful? My 1980’s vintage chunky chain bar necklace. :::Swoon::: It may never leave my neck.


Step 5: For real, good luck getting this off of my body, kids.


So if you are looking for a birthday gift, a “you’re my best friend and I adore you” gift, an early Christmas present, or perhaps a gift from you to you to remind yourself how fantastic you are (which I thoroughly recommend doing this every now and then … it’s only healthy) … look to Sweet and Spark for some unique vintage jewelry that I can almost guarantee will always be in style … because vintage is always chic. You heard it here first, kids.

And to Jillian over at Sweet and Spark … thank you truly for sparkifying my bland and boring ol’ Wednesday.

Spark yourselves immediately.