Easter Shoes

CaptureEaster was never my favorite holiday growing up. It was due mostly to the fact that I was force fed ham and milk at the kids table thanks to my aunts. Woof. Since then I’ve sworn off all pork products and get nauseous at the sight of milk. My bones will probably disintegrate by the time I am an old bag, but quite frankly I will take that risk.

The only part of Easter I truly loved was getting all dolled up. The picture to the left is me with my Dad at age 5ish … maybe? Yes, even I wore a proper hat and Easter shoes, once upon a time. Now my family is lucky if I even remove myself from my PJs on Easter.

Up until this season, I used to cringe at white shoes. They just reminded me of going to Payless with my mom as a child, getting the same God damn white patent leather saddle shoes year after year … oh yeah, with the white frilly socks to match. It’s like when you eat too much of the same thing, you get sick of it, right? Well … my mom bought me too many pairs of those white patent leather shoes. And since then, I’ve just had an adverse reaction to anything resembling an “Easter shoe” aka a white shoe … until now.

Now … mama wants a white pump. Like yesterday. The idea of an all white outfit, including shoes, or jeans, a nude top, and white heels just makes me swoon a bit. They are the PERFECT shoe for spring/summer. Hmm … perhaps I’m not so disgusted by them anymore because the white frilly sock factor was removed? I digress, though.

Yes … they have the potential to get extremely dirty, but you know what? I don’t give a shit. I’ve learned that if you are craving something, whether it is a piece of candy or a vodka martini, you should satisfy said craving to achieve pure bliss in life. So many times I’ve wanted something, but refused to get it. Instead, I just went back and forth in my brain about said potential purchase until I drove myself nuts. Now … mama is getting a pair of white pumps.

Happy Easter/Passover to all my readers. Hope the Easter bunny hops into all of your homes and gifts you with white pumps (hint, hint … “Easter Bunny” … aka Mom).

Now let’s review some white pumps that are making me drool, shall we?:

If I was a Kardashian, I would buy these bad boys:

407399_in_ppI would also buy these …


And these …


Since I’m not a Kardashian and “Ball on a budget” … I would snag these:

CaptureAnd these …

CaptureAnd probably these …