Style Stud: Myrtle Snow – American Horror Story

CaptureI adore scary movies and shows, so the fact that I can combine this love affair with fashion thanks to American Horror Story Coven is kind of amazing. Jessica Lang is stunning and clearly the baddest witch in town. But in the same breath I think she is a mutant for how ridiculously stunning she looks for her age.

With that being said, enter stage right my obsession with Myrtle Snow played by Frances Conroy. Now I have no confirmation on this, but whomever invented “Myrtle Snow” was definitely inspired by Grace Coddington of Vogue, and perhaps an aging Rachel Zoe with the oversized fierce wardrobe, which is brilliant. Both stylish ladies worth emulating. I mean come on.

I love a woman with an eccentric and original sense of style, and quite frankly the fact that she got burned at the stake and came back looking even fresher to death says something (sorry if I just spoiled that for you). Because if I got burned at the stake and someone was like, “hey … let me bring you back to life,” I would just be like, “meh … I’m good.”

So thanks to Myrtle Snow and her fierce attitude and wardrobe for inspiring this week’s Style Stud! If only I look this fierce one day when I’m older. Let’s pay homage, shall we?





I Got 99 Problems, But A Witch Ain’t One

Happy Halloween!

‘Tis truly one of my favorite holidays … and not just because you get to transform yourself into anyone or anything you have ever wanted to be. Mostly it is because of the copious amounts of chocolate and candy you can consume and not be judged for it.

I have so many fantastic memories from Halloween’s past. Like when I got to wear red high heels to school when I was in third grade (note they had like an inch block heel) when I came dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (what can I say, I had growth spurts early on and could rock a woman’s size 7 heel). Or when my roommate in college and I dressed up as Sonny and Cher and I got to whip my long black wig around all evening, hoooooooo :::hair flip, tongue to top lip:::. Or even this past weekend when I dressed up as the twins from The Shining with one of my dear friends and got to scare the shit out of people all evening. I mean … Halloween is the best.

But here, right now, I want to pay homage to some of the baddest ladies that make Halloween, Halloween. The ones who made us dream of being able to point our fingers and make Prince Charming appear, or wiggle our noses and have an ice cream sundae pop out of thin air when our sweet teeth were calling.

So Happiest of Halloweens to all of my fantastic readers. And enjoy my mini photo montage below of some of my favorite witches from TV, movies, music (not saying Stevie Nicks is a witch … buuuut …) and even literature (clearly because I’m a word nerd).

Be safe, eat a ridiculous amount of candy and chocolate, and drink any and all spooky cocktails responsibly.

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