Shopping Right Now … #Fail

The past month or so has been all about shopping for others. Did I see stuff for myself along the way? Dear sweet Jesus … yes. In fact, it was difficult not to do “one for you, one for me,” whilst holiday shopping. But I resisted temptation and knew once 2012 rolled around, I could revive my wardrobe and score some new and fabulous pieces.

So since I am FINALLY 95% recovered from this migraine insanity … I decided to do a little shopping being that I had numerous gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. Usually I find right after New Year’s a GREAT time to shop. The stores finally get rid of all that sparkly, Skanks R’ Us nonsense and make room for some normal, unique pieces for me to finish out winter with. Well this time … not so much. I like to call what I ran into “clearance hell.” A rack of clearance here and there is fine. But when the entire store is one large, picked through clearance rack … well that is just a whole different kind of animal to tackle.

I’m not going to lie to any of you … I’m a lazy shopper. I like organization, I like everything in size order, and I don’t like digging for things. So to walk into every store and be welcomed with racks and racks of endless clearance items with crazy ladies throwing shit around with hangers poking out here and there mine as well be equivalent to the den of Satan himself. Sure the sales are tempting and the thought of getting something I was eyeing weeks ago for half the price may compel me to dig … but at the end of the day, I don’t have patience … I just don’t. And quite frankly I don’t feel like dealing with the sale hungry crazytown bitches digging like they are look for pure gold. It truly is every woman for herself. You gotta keep your wits about you, you could lose an eye!

You really need to get yourself in the zone to deal with this vast amount of clearance. If your head isn’t 100% into the shopping experience then you will quickly shuffle through the racks and be out of the store in 10 minutes with nothing but a bad attitude. Here is how I deal with clearance: I’ll go to my size and look for colors and patterns that tickle my fancy. You have to be on drugs to think I will examine every single item in the clearance section. Do I sometimes feel like I am missing out on some good garment opportunities? Sure, but do I regret not losing my sanity looking for diamonds in the rough? Nope. There are moments when I’ll eye something in the extra small section and pray they have it in my section, which they usually don’t … but this is a rare occurrence. Once you start playing games like these it is a dismal downward spiral ladies, let me tell you.

So long story short, I came home with most of my gift cards STILL burning a hole in my pocket. :::Sigh::: I don’t know what will be left in these stores once the clearance racks, you know … get cleared. But let me tell you something … if it is all spring nonsense I will cut someone, and something tells me spring fashion will be arriving super early in stores this year. No cool, stores. Not cool. I’m very unhappy with all of you.

One thought on “Shopping Right Now … #Fail

  1. I know exactly what you mean! The chaos that is clearance time makes stores look so unappealing! It’s a one in a million chance to find something fabulous, and then it probably only comes in a size 00 or 18. Frustrating doesn’t even cover it!

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