My Walk Down The Rented Runway

So to do a little refresher for everyone, I had my best friend’s bachelorette party Saturday and instead of pulling my hair out trying to find the perfect “night out on the town” dress that clearly doesn’t exist this time of year, I decided to Rent the Runway. So after looking at numerous dresses on the site and doing copious amounts of research on each dress (which happens to be easy since the site has live specialists there ready to chat with you, detailed testimonials from actual people who have worn the dress, their height and measurements included, as well as how certain body types will look in the dress), I landed on a Nicole Miller black number called “Party in the back (great name, right?).

I ordered the dress on Wednesday and with normal shipping it arrived late Friday afternoon. I was a bit nervous because yes, they do give you two size options, but unfortunately my back up size was unavailable, so I had all my dress dreams on one hanger so to speak. But it arrived in a lovely garment bag with a cute pink bag filled with information on the dress and complimentary fashion tape so my jiggly bits stayed in one place. A great way to kick-off the weekend if I do say so myself.

The dress experience was a huge massive ridiculous success. It fit me like a glove, and honestly I need to thank the fabulous fit specialists I chatted with for a good 45 minutes talking about my body type, what dress would be too short, what dress would be too tight and beyond … because at the end of the day she sold me on this dress that ended up fitting me like a damn glove. When I first got on the site I was definitely looking for the craziest designer I could wear instead of looking for the right dress that was not only cute, but would work with my body type. So word to the wise ladies, don’t let the designer label distract you. No one is going to know you’re wearing Chloe, they are going to know you are wearing a rockin’ dress that looks fabulous on you.

The only hashtag “fail” I gave the dress was when I first put it on I got a little excited because I thought it had pockets (and I seriously die for a dress with pockets), but it turns out that there was about a 2 inch rip down the side seam on the side. Whomp whomp. Luckily that was incredibly easy to stitch up, but still was a moment of panic I didn’t need.

Tomorrow I will pack up the dress in the pre-paid envelope they gave me and send it back to the land of rented dresses so some other fabulous lady can have a great night in it like I did. I’m actually a little sad about giving the dress back because it did fit me like a glove and honestly made me feel like a million dollars. Sometimes you need a little designer bling to give you that boost of confidence here and there. And for those of you curious, you don’t even need to get the dress dry cleaned before you send it back (genius, right?)

So $50 for a four-day rental, plus $5 insurance on the dress, plus $9.95 (or something like that) for shipping there and back … I would say totally worth it. I know a lot of ladies are nervous to Rent the Runway, but are always so tempted. Just. Do. It. BUT … do the proper amount of research before hand. Take screen shots of dresses you are interested in and send them around to your girlfriends, get their opinions, talk to the Rent the Runway specialists who rock, read testimonials, do it all and you will get a dress that is perfect for you. And honestly, if you are that nervous, you can rent ANOTHER dress for only $25.

For the girl with lots of events to go to who is sick of buying dresses for the sake of buying dresses and having them get sucked into the abyss of their closet never to see the light of day ever again … this site is a stylish girls dream come true. Renting dresses is the new black.

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