Let’s Try This Again…

cropped-kate1v4-2.jpgI really didn’t want to write a “LIFE SUCKS IN A STRAPLESS BRA IS BACK, BABY,” post because I’ve written and posted this oh so many times, even I’m like, “seriously… AGAIN?! See you in a year, bitch :::eye roll:::.” I write a post. I’m like, “that should suffice for a bit.” Then a year goes by without one word written. Why? I mean no one wants to hear my bullshit excuses.

So why am I giving this a shot again? Because resolutions… DUH. No, truthfully I think resolutions are actual nonsense. No one cares that you’re doing “dry January,” Carol.

Everything in moderation, people. But I digress.

In all seriousness, when I don’t write, when I don’t have that outlet, I don’t feel like myself. And this little blog is apart of me now. It has been since I birthed it in 2011 (holy SHIT that was a long time ago… and yet I haven’t aged a day :::hair flip:::). And I happen to believe it’s incredibly important to focus and nourish the things and people who bring joy to your life. So I’m blowing off the dust, and nurturing my craft once again. Honestly, it makes my heart so happy.

It’s like a friendship that fizzled out, and you see something on Facebook Memories that reminds you, “you know what, that bitch was FUN… I should reach out.”

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m firing up the ol’ blogging machine, and giving this a whirl once again.

For now, I’m just REALLY looking forward to chatting with you about real life things like trying to put on a body suit whilst incredibly intoxicated. And having no shame about talking to anyone and everyone about your ovaries. Just a little taste of all things to come.

So follow along. Keep me honest. Write me really sincere comments like, “So you’re not comfortable with your giggly bits? Then hit the fucking gym, fat cunt,” (which was an actual comment I once received and it destroyed me/made my day… so thank you, Taylor, whomever/wherever you are).

But no… be kind, for real. I’m fragile.






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