I Am My Hair … or Am I?

If our hair color defined who we were as a person, would I just be a brunette? Ick. What the hell does it even mean? Ever since I’ve watched the video for Edge of Glory, I have been obsessed with Gaga’s black and white, Kruella Deville bob. If I didn’t have to be viewed as professional in a workplace with clients, my hair would be black and white. But how do you do something like that, yet still remain a person who is taken seriously?

Then I see Lauren Conrad, Ms. Laguna beach, simple, stylish, put together … who now has rainbow locks? What?! Jesus, what in the HELL is going on?! In high school, if you had pink hair, you clearly shopped at Hot Topic, were a freak and worshipped Satan. Now, how much do you want to bet those popular bitches who you always wanted to trip in the halls are now walking around High School Heaven with two toned hair. Want to know why I have this theory? Because f-ing Lauren Conrad now has rainbow hair!

Honestly, why is having an unnatural hair color considered “unprofessional” and not really accepted by society? It isn’t like we are getting curse words tattooed on our skin or joining evil cults. It’s hair people. If I all of a sudden got a blue streak put into my brunette locks, it wouldn’t mean that I all of a sudden started to pack heat and changed my religion to Satan worshipping. I’ve had red hair, black hair, all different shades of brown, and oh yeah they heinous highlight moment I had … but how boring at the end of the day. Sure it was pretty, but did it express anything?

In a perfect, non-judgmental world, I would have black and white hair, there you have it folks. And I’m going to honest with you and say I do not have the balls to do it, and it is because the fear of it looking ridiculous and unconventional is kind of scary.

What color would your hair be in a perfect, non-judgmental world? Even if you are a lawyer and could walk into the courtroom with Andy Warhol electric yellow hair … would you?

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