Leaving On A Jet Plane …

… okay maybe it is more like I’m hopping in my Chevy Cobalt and driving up the New Jersey Turnpike … but I feel like I just hit the jackpot on the Price is Right and won a new car or something … yes I am THAT excited to hike up the New Jersey Turnpike, judge away friends, because sometimes you just need to get the hell out of dodge and go on an adventure … and THAT is exactly what I’m doing.

So yes, I am taking a mini 2 1/2 day vacation (I’m pretty sure this doesn’t constitute a vacation, but it is much like wearing fake diamonds, if you believe hard enough that they are real, then so it is), or more like a research adventure for this here blog. Unfortunately that means I will not be posting again until Sunday, BUT if you dabble in the art of social networking, I will be live tweeting all of my adventures, so you can absolutely follow me @KEConcannon to see where the hell I am and what the hell I am doing (I just love staying connected).

So what the hell AM I doing?

1. Returning to my teenage years and seeing BRITNEY SPEARS! I saw her when I was 17 and cried because it was so amazing. She may be crazytown, but the girl rocks.





2. Cheating on my one true love Philly and heading into good ol’ Manhattan, my side piece. Hello lovah.






3. Walk walk, fashion baby … I will be going to MoMA for the first time to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit! EEEEEEE! First of all, as an art history minor in college, I’m a RIDICULOUS art nerd … so I may cry just being in this building. Ah, New York, art, fashion … does it get any better?







4.  Night out in NYC and reuniting with fantastic people who I’ve missed dearly.






5. Back to reality, probably with the “I need to move to NYC itch,” that I usually get after visiting.

See you Sunday!

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